We are part of the largest mixed volunteer-led Movement for young people in Scotland. Scouting exists to make young people’s lives better, helping them to realise their full potential, and providing them with the skills they need to succeed in life. We need some more people to help us achieve our ambitious aims – and reach new heights in training our leaders.

Are you an experienced leader who would like to help others benefit from your experience?  The Region needs some fresh faces in the Training Team, both First Aid specialists and trainers for other modules.

First Aid is a particular issue.  We have around 2,000 leaders and volunteers who need to renew their training every 3 years – that’s around 12 per week on average.  We would need to run 2 courses every month to meet the demand, and the current team simply isn’t big enough to do that.

To be a First Aid trainer you need a minimum of a full, 2 day, First Aid certificate.  If you don’t have one currently, the Region will arrange for an external provider to run a suitable Outdoor First Aid course to give you the qualification you need.   As long as you commit to running 3 sessions per year for the next 3 years there will be no cost to you.  If you already have a suitable First Aid qualification, you need only do modules 28 and 29. Please do let me know, as this can be arranged.   Should you happen to have a valid 2-day First Aid qualification and also modules 28 and 29, or if you are an externally accredited First Aid trainer please let me know about that too – you’re good to go! 

We will be running modules 28 (Facilitating) and 29 (Presenting) on 5–6 October at Bonaly. These are required for all trainers.  Please email me at Training@sesscouts.org.uk if you are interested, whether to be a District trainer running ‘Getting Started’ or a Regional trainer running some other modules such as ‘Growing the Section’.

We don’t usually drop new trainers in at the deep end – initially you would be teamed up with an experienced trainer and share the presentation with them.  We have resources based on Gilwell requirements for each module, so no-one’s starting from a blank page.