We have updated the guidance classification for waters in South East Region – see

The main reasons for the changes were

  1. to remove some inconsistencies in classifications of rivers and to remove waters we are not familiar with – if you would like waters to be added then please contact Bruce Macdonald to discuss,
  2. to remove an exception for Longcraig and Cramond that treated water in their area as B1 under certain conditions – these waters are now B2 (see below),
  3. to add the Forth Canal to class C,
  4. to emphasise the responsibilities of the permit holder in notes that form part of the guidance.

The water activities assessors are contacting B1 permit-holders that we think are affected by the changes at Longcraig or Cramond to see if a restricted B2 permit could be granted (restricted to when the centres are open with safety cover operating).   If you have not been contacted and would like to be considered for such a permit please contact me. 

Bruce Macdonald
Manager of the Activity Permit Scheme