Summer at Longcraig

After a lot of hard work and research, we now have a clear way forward for increasing water activities – sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding – for all ages.

The Water Activities Strategy for our Region was accepted by the Regional Executive Committee in October without any reservations. In fact, the members of the Group were commended for putting together such a far-sighted, comprehensive and positive report that recognised that there are so many opportunities for water activities in our Region.

There is now a consensus that Longcraig Watersports Centre does a great job and that we can also spread opportunities for water activities across the whole of the Region. In addition we need to find an enthusiastic person who could motivate leaders to try out water activities, wherever they are located in our Region.

If you have, or you know someone who has those qualities, please get in touch with me so that we can recruit a Regional Adviser for Water Activities. It would not be a heavy role – just be available to give information and advice.

The main recommendations of the Water Activities Strategy Group were:

  1. More and better information

We should appoint a Regional Adviser for water activities to lead on providing more information about opportunities for water activities across the Region.

  1. New methods of service provision

We should set up a Working Group in spring 2019, with members drawn from across South East Scotland Scouts and Longcraig Active Support Unit to produce a 5 year plan for Longcraig Centre.

  1. Support leaders to undertake or organise more water activities

The Regional Adviser for water activities should be the lead person to support leaders to organise more water activities and develop ways to address some leaders’ reluctance to involve themselves and the members of their sections in water activities.

We can encourage leaders to offer more water activities to young people in our Region, enabling them to have opportunities for adventurous activities which develop their skills and resilience. We will be working on these recommendations in 2019. Come and help us!

And read the full report here