As part of their Blair Atholl training day at Bonaly 44 Explorers were asked for their thoughts and ideas. They came up with lots!

What do Explorers like about Scouting?


Explorers like camps, meeting people, activities and new things.

Written feedback from 13 groups of 3/4 Explorers (44 present)

Camping was mentioned by 9 groups.

Meeting new people was mentioned specifically by 7 groups, plus one “variety of people” and one “District meetups”.  The new theme was also implicit in “opportunities” (twice), “learning new stuff”, “exploring” and “going new places”.

Activities appeared 4 times specifically plus 8 examples of activities.

People were involved in 11 items : “new people” * 9 (above); “friends”; “Scouts is like a big family”.

What would make Scouting better?

Explorers want more camps and events with new people, more say in running Scouting, better communication and more diversity.

Written feedback from 13 groups of 3/4 Explorers (44 present)

  • More camps and events, particularly with new people

Camps: “more” * 4; “more District”; international * 3 (“more often”)

Regional events: “more”

“More food”

  • More say in running their Scouting
    • “More youth involvement”; “more control”; “more freedom”; “more input on programmes”.
  • More information about opportunities:
    • “Better communication”; “more publicity”; “We don’t hear about these things!”

Two groups (not the same ones) also expressed:

  • Concern at lack of diversity: Combatting stereotypes” and “more diversity
  • Dissatisfaction with their uniform


What are Explorers doing?

‘Show of hands’ polling exercise on 5 topics (44 present)

  1. Young Leaders: Not enough YLs are completing the YL Belt properly. (34 YLs present; 6 with YL Belt; 6 near completion)
  2.  Zodiac Plus: Not enough Explorers (8) are doing this, although they all know about it and want to do more camping.
  3.  Camping Passport: Only 1 Explorer knew that a leader could allow them to camp on their own.  This could explain item 2.
  4. Awards: 39 were doing DofE either at school or through Scouts, but only 11 were doing Chief Scout’s Award.  None was registered for Queen’s Scout Award, though this could reflect the rather younger cohort.
  5. Programme planning: Explorers have some input into planning their programme, but only 9 said “a lot” and 8 “quite a lot”.

Would Explorers like to help at Bonaly?


27 out of 44 present would be interested in helping Cubs and Scouts with activities at Bonaly.

See details of our proposed Permits for Explorers scheme, arising from a suggestion made at last year’s March Madness event.