Winter learning opportunities at Longcraig

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Update November 2022: We may not be doing too much out on the water over the winter months, but we do plan to offer a number of training courses which may be of interest to our adult members in particular. 

RYA VHF Radio Course 

This course, run over a weekend, covers the necessary training and includes a mandatory ‘exam’ at the end, which will lead to a Marine Radio Short Range Certificate – this is the minimum that people should have to be able to operate a Marine VHF radio, whether a hand held one or a fixed unit in a small boat. The course runs us through the syllabus set down for this, and the exam itself is a format set by the RYA which we have to subscribe to.  

We aim to offer this course over a weekend in the winter months – if there is sufficient demand a second weekend can be arranged. 

In the first instance, please indicate your interest by email. The venue would normally be at Longcraig Scout Centre, but, depending on our facilities improvement work schedule, we may operate it at an alternative venue, to be advised to anyone who expresses interest. 

Details of the costs will be advised to everyone who registers an interest, but there is a course charge which will be payable to Longcraig, and a necessary separate fee, which has to be paid to the RYA, for the exam part of it.

RYA Small Boat First Aid Course 

A regular First Aid course but with a specific boating perspective, such as more attention to things like hypothermia, how to carry out CPR in confined spaces, etc. 


The course is typically a one day course and offers an alternative to other first aid course, it meets and exceeds the requirements of first aid learning for adult leaders, Explorers, Young Leaders etc. It is also approved by the MCA (Marine and Coastguard Agency) for people working or operating in a marine environment. 

As above, please get in touch to register an interest, we will operate at least one course over the winter and can arrange more if there is sufficient demand. Please contact us by email.

Facility updates  

During October, we held meetings with teams from the bidders for the work planned, and we now have a much better idea of what is proposed and what the costs are likely to be. There are still a number of approval steps necessary to enable this to all happen in a timely manner, but we are in a much better position now with firmed-up prices and much less ‘provisional’ numbers (which are always a bit of a worry).

NOT JUST WATERSPORTS – Alternative things you can do at Longcraig 

Whilst Longcraig’s main purpose is for the provision of water activities and everything associated with that, the land facilities can also be an excellent choice for a section or group gathering. We’ve seen the centre used for Group Barbeques, AGM’s, as a training venue, and quite recently as a photoshoot venue (apparently we have some very attractive bridges close by). The Centre also has two meeting rooms upstairs which can accommodate up to around 25 – 30 people in each, so can be a venue for planning meetings, training, conferences and such like. These can all be supported by refreshments, catering facilities and of course, you can’t argue about the view from outside!

Subject to availability, the facilities can also be hired by other community groups, workplaces or other organisations! Please just drop us an email for further details or to discuss your requirements: 


We are all on the lookout for additional volunteers! 

But at Longcraig we may have a wider choice of opportunities for people to volunteer –  

  • We always welcome people who bring water skills with them; 
  • We also have a need for volunteers who don’t have water skills – to help run the Centre 
  • We can guide and lead people who don’t have water skills to become people who do have water skills and can therefore fulfil some of our other needs too……. 

Longcraig can uniquely offer a different volunteering prospect for adults – we don’t adhere to fixed meeting days every week (we operate throughout the week and at weekends) and we don’t seek volunteers who have to stick to a weekly or monthly pattern. You can fit your volunteering around your work, family, or other Scouting commitments. Anything from a few days a month to a few days a week is equally welcomed. 

Over the winter months, we are holding a number of opportunities for potential volunteers to drop in and see what we do.  

All we ask is that you pre-register with us so we know how many are likely to come along (and we can arrange the necessary facilities/resources)           

The dates set up for this are as follows: 

 * Saturday 19 November 
* Sunday 12 February 
* Saturday 25 March 

These gatherings will be held at 12.00 on each day, starting off with soup and sandwiches, followed by some brief presentations and an opportunity to discuss what we do and how we do it. And, more importantly, how you might fit into that too! And we will have people on hand to answer any questions that you may have too! 

Please simply contact us with your preferred meeting date and your contact details. 

We’ll take care of the rest!