In 2020, the Young Leader Unit Leadership Teams of both Braid and Pentland Districts’, under consultation with Young Leaders from both Districts developed the Young Leader Training Website (

The Website Team have been absolutely amazed by the level of engagement which the website has received from Leaders and Young Leaders, who are utilising the website from all over the UK. With Scouts UK endorsing the website through their own website, which led to an increase in online presence across the UK.

We have continually worked with our Leaders and Young Leaders, listened to their thoughts on how we can develop the website. April 2020 witnessed an update going live to the YL Website, which included a section on the website focusing on Top Awards. Feedback taught us that Top Awards can be a very confusing topic, with Young Leaders getting easily confused with which Top Award is which. This led to the Young Leader Website Team in partnership with Young Leaders, writing the information in language for Young Leaders – so it can be easily understood but the core information still intact. 

Website Attraction

When we look at our website analytics, we are pleased to report that the website has been utilised UK wide.

We are pleased to report the following:

Overall Statistics: 

  • 3.45k Unique Visitors
  • 6.68k Sessions Overall. 

2021 Statistics: 

  • 1.3k Unique Visitors 
  • 2.15k Sessions since January 21

District Updates

Since the start of the Young Leader journey, we have had 33 Braid YLs and 24 Pentland YLs choosing the website as a method to complete their training. As a whole, this has contributed in some way to 14 YLs in Braid and 18 YL’s in Pentland achieving their Explorer Scout Young Leader Belt in the past year.

Allison Gamble