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Who are we?

The Scout Network is for people aged 18 to 25 who want to continue (or start!) their own Scouting. Many members are also Leaders with younger sections, but this is not a requirement.  There is no charge to belong to Network.

All adult leaders 18-25 are automatically members and all Explorers who turn 18, and anyone else in the age group, can join. They are encouraged to participate in Network activities, where they can take part in projects and achieve awards such as Chief Scout’s Diamond, Queen’s Scout, Explorer Belt and Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver and Gold.  The Network website links Networks across the UK.

Moving about?

If you move away from your home area to study or work why not join Scouting in your new area?  You can be a member of Network in both and an Adult Leader in both, picking up again back home during holidays.  In our Region we welcome those who have come here to study, so get in touch for information.

For further details about Scout Network in Scotland see Scouts Scotland page: Scout Network (Scotland).
For information about the recent changes to Scout Network, see the Scouts UK page: Scout Network. and their Scout Network FAQ page.

Network Scouts on Gold DofE expedition

Scout Network in SE Region

During the current transitional period the Assistant Regional Commissioner (Network) is John Buchanan, who is also ARC (Explorers).  He will work to support and coordinate the Scout Network across the Region.  Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

ARC Network

John Buchanan

Projects for Scout Network

South East Scotland Region carried out a survey in which all members of Scouting in the 18-25 age group were invited to indicate what projects or activities might interest them, apart from the role of Adult Leader (which most held).  Those who replied were interested mainly in three areas:

  1. Awards: Duke of Edinburgh’s
  2. Awards: Chief Scout’s Diamond and Queen’s Scout
  3. Explorer Belt expeditions

In addition, Network members often choose to work towards permits in Adventurous Activities, such as watersports  and hillwalking, and we would heartily encourage this.  Please note that some funding may be available to support this.

The Network website allows Network members to create and participate in all manner of projects, and is definitely worth a look.

Network News

Scouts of the World Award – SOWA

Scouts of the World Award – SOWA

Are you in Network?  Are you ready to meet the challenge and gain a Top Award in Scouting?  The Scouts of the World Award is now available across the UK.  It is an individual award, and the project can be completed at home or abroad.  It does not require...

Regional Youth Advisory Group

Regional Youth Advisory Group

The First Regional Youth Advisory Group is happening and it is happening on 26 November at the 71st (Craigalmond) Scout Hall, opposite Edinburgh Zoo, from 2-5pm. We are looking for enthusiastic, challenge-driven Explorers, not those with the biggest...

Scottish Youth Parliament Elections

Scouts Scotland are fielding six candidates in the upcoming elections for the Scottish Youth Parliament. As a national voluntary organisation, Scouts Scotland is represented in the Scottish Youth Parliament by two MSYPs who can raise issues that are important to young...