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We live in changing times!  

We all know that changes are coming in Scouting through the Transformation project and we know training will be impacted by this, but at present we don’t have the detail of the changes or the timing. 

That being the case, we need to continue with the resources we have and manage them to the best of our ability. 

Click for an update on the planned learning experience activity and changes.

Across the Region we have a shortage of Training Advisers, some areas are struggling more than others.  It’s imperative that a new leader has a conversation with a TA to ensure they understand what’s needed, how the system works,  and to agree their PLP.  That needs to be completed in the first 5 months (along with Getting Started modules), and we really need TAs to focus there.  

We’re about to start a pilot of an online validation tool.  To be really clear at the start, I’m not intending to try to replace all the TAs in the Region! If there are too few TAs, or if priorities make it difficult to get together for a chat the online tool may be an option.   

Forms are being built as we speak to capture the identity of the leader, cover the check your knowledge questions and allow people to attach documentary evidence as appropriate to the module.  For the purposes of the pilot, when ‘submit’ is pressed it will be delivered to my mailbox.  Going forward I anticipate this going to Districts to be reviewed locally, feedback provided to the learner and Compass updated if appropriate. 

If you would like your group to be involved with the pilot, please ask your GSL to speak to your ADC (Adult Training).  

First Aid – courses available (at the time of publication)

This wouldn’t be an update without reminding people about First Aid.  We have an additional course, and additional places on 2 courses that were previously fully booked. 

13th November –  

20th November – 

11th December – 

Alternatively, there’s the blended model (aka Hampshire model).  Several people who responded to a recent survey said that was their preferred option.  Very few names have come through as completed since then.  Please don’t wait, just register and get it done. 

The dates for early next year should be available soon, follow us in Eventbrite so you’re automatically notified of any additions.  

Mary Dick 
ARC (Adult Training)