Following on from the success of YouShape 2016 where nearly 20,000 young people and volunteers got involved, 2017 will see the whole month of February dedicated to YouShape.

To help prepare for YouShape Month there are some fantastic resources and events that are worth highlighting. The first of these exciting events is the ‘Wear their Necker’ project. The purpose of this is to encourage Young People to take up adult volunteer positions in the future. It is all about getting the young people to shadow leaders and see what the roles involves. This can range from a scout running the evening, to an Explorer shadowing the District Commissioner. It is a fantastic opportunity to bridge the gap of knowledge between the experienced and the learners.
Explorers planning

It’s important that young people are part of decision making that matters to them.


Another incredible resource is the ‘Activity Inspiration Pack’. It contains over 30 pages of helpful activities useful to Beaver Colonies and Explorer Units. Whilst the resource is made for YouShape month, it can be used in your programmes throughout the year.
You can find out more information about YouShape 2017 on the UK Scouting website at