The Scouts new YouShape Award is here!

At Scouts, young people learn how to speak up and take the lead. But they told us that the programme didn’t recognise this enough. That’s what the new YouShape Award is all about.

The YouShape Award makes it even easier to embed being youth shaped into your programme. At the same time, it’ll help young people work with their leaders to learn leadership skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. 

The journey so far

By 2025, Scouts goal is that 250,000 young people will have the opportunity to shape their experience at Scouts every year. This award helps us get there. It makes it even easier to embed chances for young people to speak up and take the lead right into our programmes.

The award is split into four badges. Young people will earn the central badge first and then choose the order they earn the rest. They can choose which requirements (and how many) as well as what they want to do, and work with their leader to decide when they’ve met each requirement.

Meet the badges

Beavers YouShape Award

Cubs YouShape Award

Scouts YouShape Award

Explorers YouShape Award

The elements of each badge are:

Central badge – This badge is all about thinking about what you want to achieve, setting a goal and making it happen.

Plan – This badge is all about thinking creatively, working together and planning some exciting activities for your programme.

Lead – Now it’s time to take the lead – think supporting others, delivering your programme and nights away.

Represent – Think about how you’ll represent your group – you could engage your community, invite some friends to join the fun or chat to your Executive Committees.


Got a question? There is much more information about the award on the HQ Website – take a look.