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YouShape Beaver Award – Cardrona Beavers Leah and George

Cardrona Beavers first awards of the YouShape badge happened on Wednesday 23rd November when Leah and George received theirs, presented by our Group Scout Leader Cheryl Turpie. 

Leah and George joined us on zoom at the beginning of lockdown, just to join in activities as their older siblings were Beavers at the time. They have both achieved their Bronze Award already so it felt like a great opportunity for them to do this badge too. Off to cubs after Christmas – they will be really missed we hear!

As both Beavers have completed their Bronze Award in the summer, the Leaders thought it would be a good opportunity for them to be our first to work through this new badge. Read on to find out more.
Cheryl Turpie with Leah and George (L-R)
Decoupage giraffes

Initially, Cardrona Beavers showed the whole group the badges and talked about why it is important that Beavers is a place where they do activities that they enjoy but also feel they have the opportunity to say what they want to do.

The Leaders encouraged Leah and George to talk with their parents at home about what they would like to change in Beavers and how they might do that. After an initial response from one of “but we do everything and it is all great” the Leaders encouraged them to think about what they might like to do in a slightly different way so the sessions were theirs to run and take ownership of.

So, after they had come up with ideas at home, the Leaders spent some time with them both, so they could tell them what they could do.

George had loved the Giraffe experience trail in Edinburgh over the summer and thought it might be nice to expand on that in Beavers while Leah loved baking but they can’t really do that in their hall as they don’t have a good oven to use.

This led to a log chew, run by Leah and George, and a vote in the colony where Leah and George presented their various ideas and the colony voted on what they would like to do.

The vote resulted in:

1. Decorating cakes that had been baked at home (the recipe was sent home and asked them all to ring in 4 cakes to decorate)
2. Marble runs
3. Decoupage giraffes

Over two sessions, cakes were iced and decorated, marble runs were built and competitions were held (fasted marble, number of marbles down in a set time, who’s marble run used all the pieces in the pack etc) and finally giraffes were decoupaged to an amazing standard by all the Beavers.

For each of the session, Leah and George introduced what they were doing and then the Leaders recorded them, so they could share with their Executive Committee and our Friends of Cardrona Group. 

Having the opportunity to decide what they wanted to do and see it come into reality was great for both Leah and George. The Group already has other Beavers asking if they can do the award in the future, which the Leaders will definitely be doing. It is a great way to have sessions planned for the Leaders – and empowers all young people to feel that they can take ownership of their Group.

Thinking of becoming a volunteer?

Volunteers make Scouts happen at a national level as well as a local one. From our Chief Scout and Chair of our Board to the incredible volunteers who support young people as leaders and occasional helpers at our local groups, these are just some of the superstars who’ve stepped up to inspire a generation.  We’re proud that Scouts is a volunteer led movement. That’s where you come in. 

What impact will this make?

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  • * Making meetings and outdoor activities safer, better run and more fun.
  • * Adding your own personality and skills what we can offer local children.

There are lots of ways you can get more involved with Scouts in the Borders as a parent, carer or family member. From helping out occasionally on a family rota or playing a vital role behind the scenes, to stepping up as a leader, our volunteering activities are as varied as you.

We’re talking tidy uppers and tea makers, session planners and zoom navigators, fundraisers and treasurers, and all-round team players to support our young people.

The good news is you shape what you do and the time you have to give. Scouts happens when a lot of us give a little (and no, you don’t have to be a Scout or outdoors expert to volunteer).

Across the Borders District, the current vacancies include:

  • * Explorer Leaders
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What to expect:

  • * A warm welcome
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* No two weeks are the same, but the impact you make is always great.

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