To: all members

Keeping Everyone Safe – Guidance Effective from Tuesday 19 April 2022

Thank you for everything you continue to do to support the safe provision of Scouting activities for everyone. We continue to be indebted to our volunteers for your resilience and creativity, in enabling Scouting to continue during such unprecedented circumstances.

In line with the easing of Scottish Government restrictions, most COVID-19 mitigations will become guidance next week, from Tuesday 19th April, rather than legal requirements.

In line with schools’ guidance, youth work will act on the principles that:

  • Mitigations for youth work should be retained for no longer than is necessary, based on the state of the epidemic and evidence about risk.
  • There should be a presumption against placing a greater restriction on children and young people than on the rest of society.

This takes careful account of the evolving risk environment in youth work settings and wider communities. It also seeks to ensure that only those mitigations that are necessary and proportionate to ensure the safety of volunteers and young people are retained.

Continued safe working practices

The virus has not gone away, so Sections should continue to communicate and work with their members and those attending their activities, to implement measures which will help suppress it.

This includes:  

  • keeping premises as well ventilated as possible.
  • ensuring good hand hygiene and surface cleaning.
  • supporting those who wish to continue to wear face coverings.
  • advising that any member displaying COVID related symptoms, should not attend a meeting or event.

We cannot impose other local guidelines, which are no longer required in law.

Risk Assessments

  • You are reminded about the importance of having a risk assessment for all Scouting activity, including any specific COVID mitigations, and the need to review this regularly.
  • If using venues owned by third parties, their expectations should be followed, in addition.


  • In communal spaces, the provision of fresh air into indoor environments is very effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. By taking measures to increase the volume of outside air entering a building, such as opening windows, doors or vents, you can help minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19.  

Good hygiene and surface cleaning

  • Equipment should be cleaned daily or, if groups of children change during the day, on a sessional basis with a standard detergent and disinfectant that are active against viruses and bacteria. Surfaces should be cleaned regularly.

Please take some time to read the Covid-19 Framework for the Delivery of Scouting in relation to all this, which also includes details about nights away and visits abroad.

Best Wishes,

Graeme Luke
Chief Executive Officer