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Transforming your Volunteer Experience

Warmer Welcome

I'd love to help with Welcome Conversations

Our Welcome Conversation Volunteers give new volunteers a warm welcome, engaging them in a meaningful conversation. They’ll answer any questions they have at the start of their Scouts’ journey, and make sure Scouts is right for them.

As someone with a Welcome Conversation accreditation, if someone volunteers to join a Team similar to the one you volunteer with – for example if you help with a Squirrel Section and a neighbouring Squirrel Section has a new volunteer – we may get in touch with you and ask if you can do a Welcome Conversation with the new volunteer and their line manager. If you can’t make it, that’s fine, we’ll ask someone else.

If you’d like to be a Welcome Conversation Volunteer, you will need to complete e-learning which you can access here

Once you have completed the e-learning and have your certificate, please fill in the form below to become a Welcome Conversation Volunteer.