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Delivering change, together.

We want to make volunteering easier and more fun and have the ability to recruit and retain volunteers, resulting in more young people gaining skills for life.

There are some excellent examples of awesome volunteering, but the experience is not the same for everyone. Therefore, we are looking to improve the overall volunteer experience. 

The programme of changes and enhancements will help Scouting across several areas. We have already seen some of the changes, Squirrel Scouts, introduced in 2021 are the cornerstone of the Early Years pillar. 

The next phase will be structured around four focus areas. Over the coming weeks and months we are going to work together to make changes in delivering:

A Warmer Welcome
More Engaging Learning
Simplifying Volunteering
Digital Support

Improving the volunteer experience

We’re excited for you to join us and the other members across the UK on a journey of change, helping to drive the delivery of the Skills for Life strategy. Here you’ll find a series of videos we’ve shared so far. To help you we have put together a series of short videos providing an introduction of the volunteer experience, and more about each area of change. Please watch these, share these and provide any comments to Scott Goddard, Transformation Lead for South East Scotland Scouts. Note: If you click on the ‘box’ bottom right of each image you can view the video ‘full screen’. 

South East Scotland Scouts Transformation
Part 2: A Warmer Welcome

South East Scotland Scouts Transformation
Part 3: Simplifying Volunteering

South East Scotland Scouts Transformation
Part 4: More Engaging Learning

South East Scotland Scouts Transformation
Part 5: Digital Changes

Testing Hub – See what’s happening and find out what’s changing

And finally… reminding ourselves of our North Star…

It’s important that Scouts is a great place to volunteer, where every volunteer matters, and every volunteer has fun. We want to live this in how we treat each other and take part in our roles. This will encourage new people to join us and for those already involved to stick around. We know that in most areas, Scouts is a great place to volunteer, and we want to use the great things already happening to make sure that’s the case everywhere across South East Scotland.   

So Scouts will be experiencing a season of Transformation over the coming years. The change is aimed at welcoming new faces to Scouting as well as focusing on retaining existing volunteers too. With more volunteers, we can positively impact the lives of more young people and help them gain skills for life – Our North Star.

Thank you.