We set off for camp on Friday morning to Douglaswood which is an old RAF base set in the countryside north of Dundee. We quickly got all the kit into the centre, had a light lunch and then the Scouts went outdoors to do their first activity on a 100m zip line. Each Scout got three or four goes – an excellent start to camp. We then did a team challenge on the outside obstacle course – so by the time we got back indoors the Scouts were ready for a break.

We allocated the Scouts to dorms and got back outdoors to enjoy volleyball before we allocated the Scouts to their Patrols, all based around our “Space Theme” – Armstong, Gagarin, Jemison, and Sharman.  After an excellent dinner, the Scouts got stuck into the activities based around our camp and came up with a structure or picture related to their patrol name. At this point we knew we had an excellent group of Scouts as they really showed brilliant creativity across the four patrols. Given the rain outside there was no camp fire on our first night.

Saturday morning was dryer and after the first camp inspection including the kitchen, toilets, hall, and dorms (the Scouts earn their keep!!) we did Scout skills bases where, over the next few hours, the Scouts undertook badge activity work as they practiced their map and compass work, learned how to use axe and saws, made hot chocolate on Kelly kettles, and baked some excellent cookies. We needed the calories as, during the afternoon, we did site maintenance on the road within the site – over three hours many tons of soil and dirt were removed, and the local team were delighted with the effort that our Scouts put in. In the evening, we had a space based widegame and after a camp fire and exploring the skies through the site’s telescope, the Scouts were asleep very quickly (a contrast to the first night).

On Easter Sunday we did a “Scouts Own” session, where the Scouts discussed the importance of friends when times are good but also when they are tough – a very mature conversation. We then did our traditional Easter Egg Hunt on the site before heading off to Corrie Fee in Glen Clova. We set off in great weather taking in the magnificent scenery along the route before reaching the spectacular Corrie where we sat and admired the great view. On our return to camp, we had a lovely burger meal followed by an incredible chocolate fondue desert cooked by Karen. We then set off model rockets before the patrol-based games challenge featuring giant Jenga, Connect 4, stocking skittles and “dare pong” followed by another campfire where the favourite song was “My Bungalow”.

On Monday, we started the day with a Geocaching challenge with “space related treasure” hidden over various places on the site – it was a frantic next hour or so with some working in teams and others as individuals. In the afternoon, we headed into Dundee, first visiting the RRS Discovery, which is an auxiliary steamship built in Dundee in 1901. Her first mission was the British National Antarctic expedition carrying Scott and Shackelton on their first, and highly successful, journey to the Antarctic, known as the Discovery Expedition. Kim our tour guide led us round the ship superbly. We then set off for the Aqua Park where some of the Scouts were brave enough to go into the very cold water to take on the obstacle course challenge. Others decided a quick visit to the V &A was a better (and warmer) option. We rounded off our visit to Dundee with a visit to McDonalds and group picture with Desperate Dan. Back at the centre we had a space-based movie night watching “The Martian” – an excellent movie to round off the camp.

On Tuesday, with atrocious weather, we decided to strike camp early and very quickly packed up for home. We finished the camp with flag down and presentation of the prizes:

So, a superb camp, helped by good weather most of the time and the fact the Scouts were so well behaved, got involved so enthusiastically in the activities and got on so well with each other – hopefully lots of good memories were made. A massive thanks to the leader team for giving up their time, preparing their activities and for being such good colleagues and friends. Roll on Summer Camp in July.

The Leader Team – Ansel, Craig, Eilidh, Ellie, James, Gillian, Guy, Hector, Karen, Mark, Mike, Paul

Mike Treanor
Scout Leader 82nd Craigalmond (Cramond ) Scouts