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Awards and Recognition

Awards are a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of our members and recognised volunteers in your team.

Every adult who gives their time to Scouting supports the development of young people and without them Scouting and the adventures it offers simply would not happen.

There are those who make an extra special contribution and carry out task and commitments outside of the requirements of their role and our Good Service and St George’s Day Awards are intended to recognise that additional contribution and thereby express the appreciation of the Association and in particular that of the Chief Scout.

All members in South East Scotland, whether uniformed or not may be eligible for awards sometime, however there are a set of strict rules which must be followed and standard forms to be completed.

Regional Awards Advisory Group

To support our Lead Volunteer in the decision making for awards,  our Regional Awards Advisory Group (RAAG) has been set up.

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Good Service

These awards are typically used for members who have consistently given service over and above that which is expected within their role.

Gallantry, Meritorious Conduct Awards & Cornwell Badge

Awards for Gallantry acts can be made to any member for acts of bravery in the face of danger where life has been at risk.

Long Service Awards

Length of service awards are available to Members and Associate Members of the Association with an adult appointment, uniformed or not (with the exception of occasional helpers).

Submissions & Deadlines

There are various ways in which Awards are submitted. Depending on the Award, this may at District, Regional, Scottish HQ or Gilwell. Here we will explain what to do and by when.