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Transforming your Volunteer Experience

Simplifying Volunteering

working in teams
on tasks with
clear purpose

Clearer roles with
titles that
everyone can

Clear expectations on
both sides, with a
commitment to building
a positive volunteering

contributing in a way
that matches their
skills, interest and

culture of
diversity &

When is all this happening in South East Scotland?

What’s my role again?

We’re simplifying volunteering with Scouts by bringing the number of role titles down from over 400 to just 10.

Teams Based Approach

Map volunteers into teams based on tasks. It may be volunteers consider joining other teams. 

Trustee Boards

Executive Committees are now moving to Trustee Boards


Some roles won’t exist at all after transition. Instead they will be covered by what we’re calling an Accreditation.

National Resource links

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Find the guidance and support you need as a Scouts Trustee