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Scouting Safety Policy

To provide Scouting in a safe manner without risk to health, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Further details are available in the Scouts UK Safety section, which includes a link to the Purple Card outlining procedures to be followed in an emergency.

Safety News

Are you up to date with your safety training?

Are you up to date with your safety training?

Did you know that all leaders have to do a mandatory Safety training course – and keep it up to date? But it could not be easier! It must be done online and it takes only 30 minutes to do the online course. We believe that the key to successfully improving safety in...

Minibus abroad

Minibus abroad

Many Groups would like to be able to hire and drive minibuses to give young people amazing adventures in the UK and abroad. However, the rules around who can or can’t drive minibuses can vary according to different circumstances, vehicle size, location or...