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Scouting Safety Policy

To provide Scouting in a safe manner without risk to health, so far as is reasonably practicable.

Further details are available in the Scouts UK Safety section, which includes a link to the Purple Card outlining procedures to be followed in an emergency.

Safety training is a mandatory requirement for all adults in Scouting who are involved with children and young people.  Details of the online course can be found using our Adult Training section.  You must renew your Safety training at least every 3 years. As a leader, you need to ensure that you have completed our safety course before you attend for your five-year review meeting. If your safety qualification has lapsed, it is unlikely that a NAN or Adventurous Activity Permit would be agreed or awarded until such time as your safeguarding course has been updated.

In addition, the Region can organise and run safety and premises safety courses for any group or district in the Region.

Our Regional Safeguarding Adviser is Russell Shoulder and he can be contacted at any time for advice, assistance or queries about safeguarding.

It is imperative that all adult members:

  • Understand the Safety Policy and your responsibilities for keeping young people and adults in our movement safe.
  • Are able to demonstrate how to assess and manage risk.
  • Understand the role of the leader in charge.
  • Know what to do in an emergency, and how to report incidents and near misses.
  • Know where to access safety resources, activity rules and guidance for the safe management of activities.

Trustees are responsible for:

  • Maintaining premises (if you have your own premises), including electrical, gas and fire safety
  • Duty of care for Members and all other Users
  • Compliance with POR
  • Compliance with applicable Legislation
  • Compliance with Insurance requirements

All members should have a current copy of each of the following cards:

Note: There is a separate White Card for Managers, Leaders and Executive Committees.

Regional Safety Adviser

Russell Shoulder

Safety News

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A Reminder: Are you up to date with your safety training?

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Are you up to date with your safety training?

Are you up to date with your safety training?

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