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Are you are taking on the Scouts Outdoor in 24”? Did you know that 19 of the 24 challenges can be done here at Bonaly Scout Centre? 😊

Build a den – woods at Bonaly are ideal for den building and the area uphill from the Roman bath is a great area to use.

Sit round a campfire – choose from our four campfire areas.

Sleep in a tent – Bonaly has space for 400 campers!

Cook something outdoors – our Bushcraft areas are perfect for outdoor cooking, and we have free altar firers that can be used to cook on at your campsite. For Scouts, why not enter our annual Campfire Cooking Competition on the 28th of April this year.

Make some wild art – we have a free Natural Sculpture resource pack available for Leaders, please email for more information. For a bit of inspiration look up the work of the sculptor and artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Try Forest bathing – the area above the Roman Bath is a perfect place! A listening circle that we use as part of our Leader-led Nightline activity is a great way to tune in to nature and works brilliantly as part of a Forest Bathing session. For more information about listening circles this please email There is also some great information about forest bathing on the Forestry England website.

Watch the clouds – we get a great view of the sky from our Druim Field. Can you identify different types of clouds, or find any interesting shapes?

Go stargazing – on a clear night you get a great view of the stars from Bonaly’s Main Field. There are some brilliant free stargazing apps to help identify stars, planets, and constellations. SkyView is a favourite of ours.

Get as muddy as possible – it has been known for Bonaly to get a wee bit muddy!

Play a wide game – we have loads of space for you to play wide games.

Have a picnic – pack some goodies into your rucksacks and head out into the Bonaly Country Park. It’s right on our doorstep and you get some cracking views of Edinburgh for your picnic lunch stop. Torduff Hill (NT 207 674), Bonaly Reservoir (NT 211 662) and White Hill (NT 215 672) are good spots. Plant something – some groups have applied to the Woodland Trust “Free Trees for Communities” and planted them at Bonaly.

Go for a walk in the rain – is has been known to rain sometimes at Bonaly 😉

Go paddling – why not combine this with our self-led Burn Dipping activity – only £10 a session!

Hike or walk with a journey stick – this is a great activity and Bonaly is the perfect location!

Watch the sunrise or sunset – we get a wonderful sunrise over the Druim Field.

Learn to recognise 10 leaves – plenty of different trees onsite, how many different leaves can you find?

Do something good for wildlife – how about making a bat box and locating it here at Bonaly? Here are some good wildlife protection ideas from the Wildlife Trust. If you are interested in a little project like this, please email

Spot 10 different birds – buzzards, woodpeckers and magpies all live at Bonaly, there many more species of birds but have never counted how many. Can you help us find out how many types of birds we have by recording those you see on our new Wildlife Spotters Notice Board, located in the Blair Barn.

Upcoming Events


17th of March – Leaders “Traditional Scouting Skills” training day

We often hear that some leaders would like an opportunity to develop their own skills in some of the activities traditionally associated with Scouting. Such as, pitching a patrol tent, fire lighting, outdoor cooking etc. This day has the dual aims of providing leaders with practical training in these skills and how to teach then to their groups.

24th of March – Pioneering Day – Scouts

This day is an opportunity for Scouts and Leaders to develop or refresh their pioneering skills under the supervision on the Bonaly Team. In the morning we will cover knots and lashings, then the afternoon will be spent building a pioneering project.

28th of April – Campfire Cooking Competition – Scouts

Working in teams of up to six, Scouts must cook a three-course meal on alter fires using Backwoods techniques alongside pot, pans and utensils. Each team must plan their own menu and produce a shopping list for ingredients. We will be judging the quality of the food, understanding of healthy eating and Camp Craft.

To register an interest and get an information pack, please email