District Change Readiness Survey

Local Comms & Planning

These two questions ask you to indicate your current planning and communications progress
1. Do the District have a local plan for delivering the transformation?(Required)
2. Who have changes been communicated to locally?(Required)

Current Change Readiness

These questions ask you to indicate your progress to date in readiness for migration to the new digital systems and updated scouting processes
3. Progress on updating District & Group email addresses(Required)
4. Progress on adults being at full appointment, wherever possible(Required)
5. The District has agreed the membership of their teams and any sub-teams, and communicated this(Required)
6. Our Groups have agreed the membership of their teams and any sub-teams(Required)
7. All adults whose current role does not automatically migrate to the new system are aware of what their new team and title will be(Required)
8. The District Lead Volunteers know which accreditations will need to be added to which volunteers(Required)
9. Trustee Boards across the District have recognised on their risk register the risks relating to the roll out of the changes, and they have identified any mitigations needed to manage them(Required)
10. Trustee Boards across the District are using the new Trustee Board purpose statement to guide their work(Required)

Your expectation of readiness at the point of migration

This question looks at your expected readiness in the future (rather than your progress to date answered in previous questions)
Our Current View(Required)