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Trustee Week is 1-5 November 2021. We want to take this chance to showcase the great work our Trustees do and how they make a difference. Thank you to all our Trustees who play a vital role, volunteering your time and working together to make important decisions about Scouts for the good of our young people.

The District Executive Committee plays a vital role in the running of a Scout District. One role in the Executive Committee is the Appointments Secretary who has a key role in making sure that the appointment process is carried out efficiently. The Appointments Secretary is often the one responsible for moving on new members smoothly through the process, ensuring that approval checks are completed in an appropriate time frame.

All are adult volunteers and we are very grateful for their support.

Next in our South East of Scotland Scouts ‘Meet our Volunteer’ series, we’d like to introduce you to Norrie Allan, District Appointments Secretary for the Borders District.

Read Norrie’s volunteering story below.

And find the perfect volunteer role for yourself. More comfortable behind the scenes? You don’t always have to work directly with young people to volunteer with Scouts. Please get in touch.

Name – Norrie Allan
Group and District – Borders Scouts District
Role – District Appointments Secretary


Your time in Scouting
I joined the “Wolf Cubs” in Stockbridge, Edinburgh aged 8 and stayed there through the Movement to become a Queen’s Scout. My Leader experience started as an Assistant Leader as soon as I could at the age of 18 having previously been the equivalent of a Young Leader. With the exception of a couple of minor outages when moving house it has been near continuous service in Edinburgh, Kent and now Borders since then. I have enjoyed many previous adult roles as Leader, Commissioner, Leader Trainer, and District Secretary.

Why did you start volunteering with Scouts?
As a Scout/Senior Scout, I was already helping with our Cub Pack on a regular basis at Pack meetings and also at Pack Holidays and thoroughly enjoying the experience. The move to Assistant Leader when I reached 18 was just a natural progression. I started putting back some of what I’d got out.

What does your Executive role involve?
The recruitment, and retention, of adults is vital to the District’s ongoing health. My primary role on the District Executive is to report on trends in recruitment levels and the progress we make in ensuring all new volunteers get to Full Role status as quickly as possible and within the levels set. I also work closely with our Assistant District Commissioner (Adult Training) to report on adult training issues to the Executive on her behalf – our roles on that overlap to some extent anyway. Also contributing to other discussions using my previous experience.

I’m also seen as the “Compass” guru for the District as I am probably the main user of the system. Even as a Leader I was convinced that good administration is the lubricant that makes the wheels to go round and my current role is all about administration!

What is the best thing you’ve done while volunteering with Scouts?
How long do you have? As a Leader, probably taking the Cubs away to Pack Holidays and watching them grow as individuals and as a group as a result.

In my present role putting processes in place to keep the appointment wheels turning and under control in the District despite the vagaries of Compass and its predecessor, ever changing requirements and the Covid restrictions.

Have you learned anything new as a volunteer?
It was through Scouting I started to get involved in the training of adults. The Scout Association trained me as a Trainer and I practised my skills on Leader training courses. It was through this experience I latterly came to be the lead business process trainer for my employer which provided me with opportunities for global travel (at their expense!).

How do you think volunteering helps in your life?
See above plus it was indirectly through Scouting that I came to meet my wife! Beyond these, a sense of satisfaction and community.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of volunteering with Scouts?
Start by finding a role that best matches your life-style and your skills/interests but don’t be afraid to let new challenges in Scouting help you to grow as a person.

Thinking of becoming a volunteer?

Why not take get in touch to discuss volunteering opportunities. We need your help.

Volunteers make Scouts happen at a national level as well as a local one. From our Chief Scout and Chair of our Board to the incredible volunteers who support young people as leaders and occasional helpers at our local groups, these are just some of the superstars who’ve stepped up to inspire a generation.  

We’re proud that Scouts is a volunteer led movement. That’s where you come in. 

Volunteer roles

There are lots of ways you can get more involved with Scouts as a parent, carer or family member. From helping out occasionally on a family rota or playing a vital role behind the scenes, to stepping up as a leader, our volunteering activities are as varied as you.

We’re talking tidy uppers and tea makers, session planners and Zoom navigators, fundraisers and treasurers, and all round team players to support our young people.

The good news is you shape what you do and the time you have to give. Scouts happens when a lot of us give a little (and no, you don’t have to be a Scout or outdoors expert to volunteer).

Across the Borders District, the current vacancies include:

  • Explorer Leaders
  • Section Leaders – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
  • Section Assistants – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
  • Group Scout Leaders and Assistant
  • Active Support
  • Executive Members – Secretary, Treasurer, Chair

What to expect:

  • A warm welcome
  • Flexibility to get involved in a way that works for you
  • Easy access to training and resources online
  • Friendly ongoing support from local volunteers

No two weeks are the same, but the impact you make is always great.

Make a difference, volunteer today

To find out more about helping out, speak to the leader at your local group or use our volunteer enquiry from which can be found using the option below. Share your details and a volunteer from your local team will be in touch soon.

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Let’s find the right fit for you

Share your contact details and select the opportunities you’re interested in below. We’ll pass them on to the appropriate member, who’ll be in touch shortly:

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Trustee Introduction
Have you recently joined an Executive Committee or keen to be part of one? Thank you for taking on this key role to support Scouting in South East Scotland. The Scouts’ Trustee Introduction training provides really useful information on the role(s) with clear objectives broken down into 3 bitesize modules.
It’s independent learning, so you don’t have to attend a course to complete it so its flexible to work around your other commitments.