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Adventurous Activities

Adventurous Activities

Information about Adventurous Activities is dealt with by Bruce Macdonald, Manager of the Activity Permit Scheme, who can be contacted at

Activities, together with camping, must be considered as the essence of Scouting. Adventurous Activities should be available to all members of the Scout Association from Beaver Scouts to those in the Scout Network, though the nature of the adventure may be different.

Information about obtaining a hillwalking permit and dates for assessments can be found HERE.
Risk AssessmentsOur Regional Assessors have put togethers some useful tools to help you create Risk Assessments for adventurous activities which can be found here.

Leaders may seek an adventurous activities permit to take Scouts on many activities – the more adventurous, the greater the skills and experience that are expected. Some activities in protected surroundings may be undertaken by groups with only the permission of the District Commissioner. These include: land-based activities in ‘Terrain Zero’ (T0) and water activities in ‘Class C’ waters. T0 includes much of the northern Pentlands. Class C waters include: Craiglockhart Pond and Inverleith Pond in Edinburgh, the Musselburgh Lagoons in East Lothian and the Union Canal (from April to September).
There is a register of assessors in the Region and they are responsible for assessing whether a leader has the technical skills and experience necessary to be authorised to take youngsters into more adventurous areas. The District Commissioner, acting on the recommendation of the assessor, is able to approve the permit. We have a register of leaders with permits and some willing to take Scouts from groups and units other than their own. Also a range of water activities are available at Longcraig Scout Centre

Additional information about obtaining a hillwalking permit and dates for assessments can be found HERE.


Adventurous Activities Information

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