Could you be our Regional Youth Lead?

Could you be our Regional Youth Lead?

We are looking for a young person aged 18 to 24 to join us as a Regional Youth Lead.

This is a new and exciting role where you’ll be able to shape decisions, represent young people’s views and support leaders across South East Scotland to make sure that young people can shape decisions about the kind of things that they want to do in Scouting.

If you are thinking about applying, go for it! We are looking for young people who are enthusiastic and passionate about championing young people’s voices and promoting youth shaped scouting. 

We want the selection process to be as inclusive as possible, so depending on what you are more comfortable with you can either submit a video application (max 5 minutes) or provide written answers. If you need any further adjustments to enable you to apply please reach out to us.  

Application Deadline: Friday 26th January


No question is a silly question and we’d rather you asked than not apply!

You can reach out to Martin Elliot, Regional Lead Volunteer or Mollie Reid, Scottish Youth Commissioner should you have any questions about the role. .

Top Group Tasks for Transformation



Personal details on Compass
Ensure the personal details  for all adults with a Compass role in your Group (including PVG-only) are up to date on Compass, including managing merging any duplicate records for volunteers.

When editing the personal details tab there are two fields that are now mandatory – Ethnicity and Faith/Religion. (These fields have recently become mandatory as part of our important inclusion work.)

Email addresses on Compass
Ensure the Email address details for all adults in your Group (including PVG-only) have been updated on Compass

The ‘username’ email address for each volunteer must be personal and unique and working. [Personal = john.smith@…. rather than gsl@….;). Note: if a member decides to have a separate email to receive communications, this ‘communications’ email address must be working (i.e. not undeliverable)

Telephone Numbers on Compass
Ensure the Telephone details for all adults in your Group (including PVG-only) have been updated on Compass

If a member has more than one telephone number recorded on Compass, they need to decide which is their Preferred number and which should be their Alternate number.

Role titles on Compass
Ensure the current role titles for all adults in your Group (including PVG-only) are accurately recorded on Compass.

Make sure that each volunteer’s record on Compass lists all their active and historic roles (i.e. the roles that they are currently undertaking as well as all that they have previously held). Ensure any roles that are no longer used have been closed (including PVG-only, where the ‘role’ is no longer required).

Appointments at ‘full’ on Compass
Ensure Compass is fully up-to-date for all steps in the current joining process for adults with a Group appointment and for whom the appointment(s) is not yet at ‘full’.
Getting Started modules
Ensure all Getting Started modules that have been completed by adults in your Group have been validated and recorded on Compass.

Note: unvalidated modules will not be migrated onto the new system. Those requiring support in validating their Getting Started modules should contact their Training Adviser if they have one or their Line Manager.

Training modules (after Getting Started)
Ensure all Training Modules (after Getting Started modules) that have been completed by adults in your Group have been validated and recorded on Compass.

Note: unvalidated modules will not be migrated onto the new system. Those requiring support in validating their modules should contact their Training Adviser if they have one or complete and submit the relevant Validation form via this portal.

Briefing each of our volunteers
Ensure a discussion has been held with every adult in your Group about their future role including those whose current role does not automatically migrate to the new system, about their future role title and team.

Note: Some roles will automatically match and some will not – details can be found here

Winter at Longcraig

Winter at Longcraig

It’s now Winter at Longcraig


That was very clear last Saturday when South Queensferry woke up to an inch of fresh snow!

It’s quickly cooled down, from the warm days in early October, and the very mild days at times in November, to a super frosty spell as we head into December.

Summer is well and truly over now (for this year).


We’re still seeing a lot of dead seabirds strewn over the coastline, so if you are in the area, or anywhere else on the cost at this time, watch out for them. The advice is to leave them alone – don’t poke or prod, but if you can, notify the RSPB and they will coordinate their removal if necessary. There’s not a great deal that can be done to those poor seabirds falling for Avian Flu, but there’s definitely no point in us spreading it around, or even risking our own human health.


Seasons Greetings


In the meantime, we’d like to wish everyone – especially those who did manage to get out on the water with us this year – a very Happy Christmas and to look forward to a prosperous 2024. 


Text Box 

Image courtesy of Pinterest 


Programme Planning

For any Groups who are planning a major event or a special event or celebration, that would involve some activities at Longcraig, the window of opportunity to select a specific date and a specific programme closes at the end of this month – December. After that, we start to prepare our own Booking Calendar which will be opened up for online bookings early in spring. 

The best way to get in touch is through and we’ll take it from there. 

If you’ve not yet been in touch please do so before the end of December as we need to plan your dates into our 2024 calendar.  


Our Journey to Net Zero 


At the end of November we were delighted to hear that we have been awarded some grant funding towards installing renewable energy solutions in Longcraig. 

More details to follow next month when we will have more details to share with you, but: 

  • Improved heating in changing spaces 
  • More hot water for showers 
  • Reduced electricity bills 

Is what it’s all about! And, which of these is not to be wanted?? 

Look out for more information next month! 


TYPE 1: 

We’re always keen to see or hear from adults who would like to help out with what we do – up front on the water, or simply behind the scenes making the Centre operate. 

We continue to offer opportunities to come and meet with us and see what we do, and what you could do as a volunteer. Our next planned drop in sessions will be early in 2024, we aim to offer one date every month where people can drop in to see what we are about.  

Please simply contact us at with your preferred meeting date and your contact details. 

We’ll take care of the rest! 

Do you have any parents in your Group who might be interested in this? Please do let them know!! 

TYPE 2: 

We can also offer a different type of volunteering, which is to provide an opportunity for groups of adults, scouts or explorers to come along during the ‘closed’ season and give us the benefit of your volunteering – this could be just for one event, or it could be – say – once a month for a period of time. This can count to a number of outcomes, such as DofE volunteering, various scout badges and awards, or simply to lend a hand for a few hours. Things you might get involved in could be checking of buoyancy aids, fixing boats, painting, and decorating some parts of the centre which were not impacted by the recent building improvements, beach protection work, or behind the scenes stuff like preparing our land activity kits. 

If you’re interested, please get in touch to make arrangements or discuss further. 

Can anyone help? 

Every year, the sea tried to ‘break in’ to our grounds and shoreline at Longcraig. We’ve worked hard to help prevent this causing too much damage, but it is a constant fight. And last month’s storms – Agnes and Babet – were no exception! Tons of seaweed washed up, and some minor damage to our shore defences. 

We’re on it, but we are seeking a few small items to help us.  

These include: used garden forks; used metal rakes; used grass rakes – all to help with returning the seaweed to the sea, instead of on our grass areas. 

Offcuts of concrete reinforcing bars – the 19mm round kind – lengths of 1 metre or longer – we use these for pinning down the timber along the shoreline. 

If you can help us source any of these items please get in touch – 

Curtain Falls on a Successful Edinburgh Gang Show

Curtain Falls on a Successful Edinburgh Gang Show

As we reflect on the second Gang Show back after the pandemic, we can proudly shout out that the Edinburgh Gang Show 2023 was a great success.  

From January 2023 when the first Management Meeting was held to the last event of the year, the cast party, young people and adult volunteers worked together to produce another memorable show. 

We would like to thank every single person who contributed to making this year’s show the resounding success it was.  

Some facts and figures about Edinburgh Gang Show 2023. 

  • 6 performances with 5,000+ tickets sold. 
  • 247 young people onstage aged between 8 and 18 years old. 
  • 46 red neckies presented to new Main Gang cast members. 
  • 123 sparkly wee ‘Stars’ wearing Deely Boppers on a space adventure and dozens of clowns, ringmasters, trapeze artistes, jugglers entertaining in a Big Top! 
  • 349 Lighting, sound and video cues. 
  • 3,000+ bars of newly orchestrated music played live by 12 professional musicians. 
  • 1,000+ costumes ironed, maintained and worn on stage. 
  • 2 Giant Pandas cracking corny jokes and singing “So long, farewell!” and 1 Giraffe dancing and making ‘gee-raffe’ sounds. 
  • 1,000+ Souvenir Programmes and Gang Show badges sold. 
  • 8 Edinburgh Gang Show Long Service Awards and 1 Commissioner’s Commendation Award presented. 
  • 118 VIPs, dignitaries and officials from Edinburgh Civic life and from local, regional and national Scouts and Girlguiding Headquarters, theatrical communities and the national Gang Show network.  
  • A cheeky wee plug by Grant Stott for the King’s Panto ‘The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan’ (snappy wee title and some good seats still available!) 
  • 1 Gang, young people and adults, with a lifetime of memories made. 

There is no show like the Gang Show and you can bet your life we’ll be riding along on the crest of a wave for many, many years to come!  

Dates for the Edinburgh Gang Show 2024 will be announced in the new year along with details about the auditions and opportunities to get involved. 

Reviews – 2023 

**** Hugh Simpson, All Edinburgh Theatre – 

**** Brett Herriot – Scotsgay Arts – 

**** Dominic Corr – Corr Blimey – 

Luke Jackson, Midlothian View 


Reflecting on 2023’s Highlights

At the recent Regional AGM, I reflected on some of our Regional successes in 2023 and how we are progressing against our Regional Strategy. As we approach the end of the year I wanted to share a few of my personal highlights from 2023 in South East Scotland Scouts. 

Happy Birthday to Us

2023 marked 15 years since the formation of South East Scotland Scouts Region and it was wonderful to join with volunteers from across the Region to mark it at a special event at the EICC. As well as hearing about just a few of the many successes that we have seen in the Region over the last 15 years and paying tribute to the late Margery Naylor we had the opportunity to gather together in person and catch up with friends old and new – which has been a rare opportunity is recent years!

Pride at Pride

I have made no secret of the importance that inclusion in Scouting is a priority for me so to take part in Edinburgh Pride with volunteers and young people form across the Region – and further afield – and our friends in GirlGuiding was an experience that I will never forget. 

Scouting should be a place where all of us – volunteers and young people – can be our authentic selves. I recognise that we still have work to do on that and I am excited to see what 2024 holds with our new Inclusion Team led by Alison Robertson. 

Jamie's Journey

One of the reasons that I have been in Scouting for more than 30 years is that I feel part of an incredible community and this was never more so than during Jamie’s Journey in August. 

Visiting all 88 Scout Groups brought me into contact with volunteers and young people from across the Region and I was delighted that so many were able to join me for part of the journey and to receive their Jamie’s Journey Badge. 

The event raised more than £2300, split equally between the charity Love From Jamie and the Region. 

Jamie’s Journey was just one example of how sections supported our Community Impact strategic aim. We celebrated some of these at our recent AGM. If you missed it you can watch it here:

Recognising Volunteers and Young People

The success of our Region is down to the hard work of our Volunteers and Young People so it was brilliant to have the opportunity to recognise so many with awards this year. 

Leading the Way on Improving the Volunteer Experience

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you can’t have missed the fact that changes are coming to the Volunteer Experience and South East Region have been leading the way as an Early Adopter. 

I am excited for the positive impact that these changes will bring and look forward to seeing more young people enjoying opportunities to gain Skills for Life with well supported volunteers. 

As we prepare for the Christmas holidays, I hope that you will all be able to enjoy some well earned downtime. I would like to thank all of you for your hard work supporting Scouting in South East Scotland and look forward to continuing to work with you all in 2024. 

Support Available from Regional Inclusion Fund

In the South East Scotland Regional Strategy we have set ourselves a goal of: “Actively reducing barriers to membership for both young people and adult volunteers to help make Scouting in the Region representative of our wider communities by 2025”.   

To support this goal, we have an Inclusion Fund specifically designed to help overcome barriers to support young people and adult volunteers participating in Scouting. The Inclusion Fund is open to all Sections, Groups, Districts or Regional led activity.   

Initiatives which this funding could be used to support include:  

  • Taster Events (potentially using our Regional Centres) for those who experience barriers to traditional Scouting.   
  • Partnerships with organisations to support provision of Scouting in areas of deprivation.  
  • Developing community relations   
  • Resources to support making the demographic of our adult volunteers’ representative of the communities within South East Scotland.   
  • Improving our recruitment and induction of volunteers.   
  • Purchase equipment to make venues or activities more accessible.  
  • Venue costs for a new section in an area where Scouting has traditionally struggled e.g. areas of deprivation. 
  • Training for adult volunteers and/or young people  

How to apply 
You can complete this form if you wish to apply for a grant from the Inclusion Fund. Please ensure your District Lead Volunteer (or Regional Lead Volunteer for Regional initiatives) is aware of and supports your application.   

More about other funding options 
You can find out more about the Inclusion Fund via the document below and on our Funding page where you can also find information about other funds available to support different aspects of Scouting from South East Scotland, Scouts Scotland or UK Scouts.