Safety and Safeguarding is everyone’s  responsibility


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It is important to understand that Safety and Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone. Leaders may believe that we do not have any cause for concern. However, there were 183 Safeguarding referrals to Gilwell from across the UK during March 2022, including several from South East Scotland. In addition, there were 32 incidents in the year to September 2021 where young people from the Region were injured either during section activities or during camps.   

Support from your Safeguarding and Safety Adviser. Please remember that Russell Shoulder, our Safeguarding and Safety Adviser is available to provide support across the Region on Safety and Safeguarding matters. Russell is available to help you promote a culture of Safe Scouting across your District/Group/Section. You can also contact him for information and support about events. He’ll check your event is in line with Scout policies, and make sure it’s being delivered safely. If you’re a manager, please reach out to him, so he can support you in your role. 

A lot of relevant information is available at Staying safe and safeguarding | Scouts 

Remember, you must always follow the Yellow, Green and Purple Cards.   


All adult members must complete the mandatory on-going training at least every 3 years. (Safety, Safeguarding, and First Aid). Gilwell has analysed data over several years and concluded that there is a strong correlation between Safety and Safeguarding incidents and the length of time since training was undertaken. Safety and Safeguarding training are available on-line and each course takes less than 30 minutes to complete. 

In addition to the mandatory training (stated above) leaders also need to complete module 17 (Running Safe Activities) to get their Wood Badge.  

Safeguarding Policy  

It is also important that all adult volunteers understand the  Safeguarding Policy | Scouts and how to keep young people and adults at risk safe: 

  • Our Safeguarding Policy keeps young people safe from harm. The Scout code of practice says, ‘Young People First’, and it’s at the centre of all that we do. 
  • It’s the policy of Scouts to safeguard the welfare of all young people and adults at risk, by protecting them from neglect, and from physical, sexual and emotional harm.   
  • We must recognise that that some people may have additional or complex needs. In certain circumstances, they can be particularly vulnerable to abuse.  
  • An adult at risk is a person over the age of 18 that: 
    • needs care and support, 
    • is experiencing, or is at risk of, abuse or neglect, and 
    • as a result of those needs is unable to protect himself or herself against the abuse or neglect or the risk of it. 
  • As a consequence of the above: 
    • Everyone in Scouts must be able to recognise, respond to and refer any reported allegations or concerns correctly.  
    • Everyone must understand their responsibility to follow the correct procedures for protecting young people and adults at risk from harm.   
    • The Safeguarding Policy is for everyone within Scouts, including all volunteers and staff. Scouts understand that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and is embedded across our organisation.  
    • All adults must make sure that their behaviour is always appropriate, as laid out in the Young People First Safeguarding Code of Practice (Yellow Card) 

Have you completed your mandatory on-going safeguarding training? Safeguarding | Scouts 

What should you do if you are worried about a young person? First, don’t panic. It’s your duty to report your concerns to your line manager, who’s there to help you. Whether your concerns are about a young person’s life inside or outside of Scouts, make sure you report it your line manager. 

You must: 

  • Allow them to speak without interruption and accept what they say  
  • Be understanding and reassuring – do not give your opinion  
  • Tell them you will try to help but you must pass the information on  
  • Report it to your line manager as soon as possible  
  • Do NOT investigate any allegations yourself 

If you have any Safeguarding concerns, contact your line manager or DC. Your Line Manager or DC should then raise the concern with Gilwell. Raising a concern | Scouts

If the young person is at immediate risk of significant harm, call 999 and request the Police. Inform your GSL and DC immediately and copy

Travelling with Young People  

The Safeguarding team does get a lot of enquiries about the rules around travelling with Young People. For clarification: 

  • An adult in Scouting cannot be alone in a vehicle with any young person who they are not the parent or guardian of.  
  • However, any adult involved in Scouting can transport their own child to a meeting or to a Scout camp.  
  • An adult involved in Scouting can also collect a friend or another Scout on the way to a meeting/camp and drop them off on the way home, as long as they won’t be alone in the vehicle at any time with the young person who isn’t their child.  
  • If an adult leader needs to transport a group of young people (i.e. more than one) to a Scouting event in their own vehicle, this is also acceptable, as long their insurance allows for this. But in these circumstances, they must ensure that they are not alone in the vehicle with any one of the young people. Therefore, make sure they pick up the group together and drop them off together. 

A parent or Guardian cannot give you permission to break any our policies. 

Safety Policy  

It is very important that all adult volunteers: understand the Safety Policy | Scouts and your responsibilities for keeping young people and adults in our movement safe.   

  • can demonstrate how to assess and manage risk.   
  • understand the role of the leader in charge.   
  • know what to do in an emergency, and how to report incidents and near misses.   
  • know where to access safety resources, activity rules and guidance for the safe management of activities. 

Have you completed your mandatory on-going safety training? Safety Training | Scouts 

Premises Safety  

The Region can deliver a premises safety seminar, on request, that is primarily targeted at groups that have their own premises. However, it is also of value to groups that hire premises as you would then be able to assess whether such premises have the necessary safety safeguards. 

Staying safe in the summer

As the weather gets better, and a little warmer, let’s make sure we’re considering the risks of hot weather for both young people and adult volunteers. You can find help in our Hot weather and Summer activity advice | Scouts 

Preparing for nights away activities

Now we’re preparing for our first summer after the pandemic, it’s important we remember the key steps of the Nights Away process. When planning for nights away, make sure you check disclosures and training for adult volunteers, and consider the risks involved with your programme. Leaders must not attend camp if they have not completed their mandatory on-going training as a minimum. (Getting Started, Safety, Safeguarding, GDPR and First Aid). Please check you’ve got a permit holder in place, and you’ve done the Nights Away Notification Form (NAN) well in advance of the proposed activity. 

Health and hygiene at camp

To support volunteers, Gilwell recently updated guidance for maintaining good health, hygiene and wellbeing for all involved in Scouting Health, hygiene and wellbeing | Scouts. This guidance includes some new guidance for menstrual hygiene Managing menstrual hygiene on camp | Scouts 

Alcohol and young people

If you’re holding any events or nights away, please remember to follow the Green Card scouting-and-alcohol-green-card.pdf ( During scouting events attended by under18s the following apply: 

  • Under 18s must not consume alcohol under any circumstances. 
  • Adults must not consume alcohol in the presence of under 18s. 
  • At any one time there should be the correct ratio of responsible adults who must not consume alcohol. 
  • Where adults do consume alcohol, it should be in a separate area from the young people and identified as an adult only area. 
  • Adults who do consume alcohol during “off duty” periods should be mindful of the need to follow the yellow card. 

District Commissioners should check that all leaders attending camp have completed the necessary training before signing off the NAN form and that they have current Yellow, Green and Purple cards. 

Remember, Scouting should be fun, exciting and safe for everyone involved so please ensure that you: 

  • create an environment where young people feel safe, are treated with respect, and are listened to. 
  • report any concerns about young people or the behaviour of any adults.  
  • keep your training up to date.  
  • act in the best interests of young people at all times and follow the Yellow Card.

And remember that, our code of practice says, ‘Young People First’ and that is at the centre of all that we do.

If you require any general advice or would like a Safety and Safeguarding seminar for your Group or District, please contact myself. 

Russell Shoulder 
Safety and Safeguarding Adviser  
South East Scotland Scouts 

Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2022 – Volunteer Opportunity!

Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2022 – Volunteer Opportunity!

We are looking for enthusiastic and confident Explorers, Young Leaders, Network and Leaders

We are looking for enthusiastic and confident Explorers, Young Leaders, Network and Leaders to be part of the sales team to sell programmes and merchandise to the Tattoo’s home and international audience as they make their way up the world famous Castlehill and into their seats. Apply now!

Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Unique Volunteer Opportunity - Apply Now!!!!


The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is the most spectacular show in the world, enjoyed by an international television audience of 100 million. But there’s no substitute for being there, as part of the 217,000-strong audience over its three-week season at Edinburgh Castle. As a member of Scouting, you can become part of it.
After a two-year absence, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is back in August 2022 with a spectacular show. The Scouts in Edinburgh have been part of this fantastic experience since the first Tattoo in 1950 and you could be part of its magic!
We are looking for enthusiastic and confident The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is looking for enthusiastic and confident Explorers, Young Leaders, Network and Leaders to be part of the sales team to sell programmes and merchandise to the Tattoo’s home and international audience as they make their way up the world-famous Castlehill and into their seats.
You will need to be available for about five or six nights between 4th & 27th August 2022. You will be on duty from 7 pm until approx 9.30 pm on weeknights and from 6 pm until 10.45 pm on a Saturday. (Leaders can expect to be away later than this.)
Explorers can possibly use the event to complete sections of their badge work or towards a section of their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
If you are interested, then please complete the form – 2022 Tattoo application – and return it by email to by Sunday 19th June 2022.

For further information please contact Sue Timmins 07954 386571.

Save the date – Regional Explorer Camp

Save the date – Regional Explorer Camp

Save the date – Regional Explorer Camp – 16th – 18th September


This September the South East Scotland Scouts region will run a Sky Camp from 16th – 18th September at Philiphaugh, Selkirk.

What is a Sky Camp? 
Explorers have to create and spend a night in a campsite that is pitched between 50cm and 2.5m above ground level with a minimum of contact between the site and the ground beneath it. 

The team will be challenged to live, eat and sleep in the SkyZone plus complete a series of additional challenges over the competition weekend. 

More information and how to sign up will be shared in June and with an anticipated close in the middle of August. 

Bonaly Backwoods Master Chef winner is…

Bonaly Backwoods Master Chef winner is…

Congratulations to the 26th Craigalmond Scouts who were the winners of the inaugural Bonaly Scouts Centre Backwoods Master Chef Cooking Competition.

The Scouts cooked a fantastic three course meal on an open fire, using nothing but tinfoil!
Starter – Spud Eggs
Main – Homemade burgers with salad
Desert – Fresh pineapple baked with white chocolate
The Scouts impressed everyone with their food – especially Muriel and Barbara from the Bonaly ASU catering team and special guest Sue Lawrence (MasterChef winner and author). 
Thanks to the help of Sue and the team it was a fun day with an emphasis on learning as well as an opportunity to show off culinary skills cooking on an open fire.
George Devine, Bonaly ASU Manager, said: “You don’t necessarily always need to use pots and pans to cook something delicious. It was great to make the most of our surroundings here at Bonaly and enjoy a tasty meal in the great outdoors”.

This will now be an annual event at Bonaly and the 26th Craigalmond are already making plans for next year. Thanks also to the 114th Braid Cubs who came along for the Sausage Sizzle and then enjoyed the Mini Zipline and Camouflage Tracking activities in the afternoon.

And more events are to come…

Following feedback from leaders, we have changed the dates of the upcoming Pioneering and Survival camp weekends to avoid the school holidays.

Pioneering weekend 18th & 19th June 

An opportunity for Scouts and Explorers to develop their pioneering skills and then put them into practice. On the Saturday, we will start with pioneering skills workshops and then the groups will build structures. On the Sunday, Cubs are invited for an Adventure Day where they will come and play on the structures and learn pioneering skills from the Scouts and Explorers. Risk assessments will be produced for the activities and be available on request.

Explorers Halloween Survival Weekend

Explorers will be challenged to survive the spooky Halloween weekend! They will be sleeping out without tents, cooking backwoods style and trying not to be too scared! There will be survival skills workshops running throughout the weekend and these will include natural cordage, advanced fire lighting and backwoods cooking techniques. There will also be the opportunity to share your survival skills with other Explores, and of course – ghost stories around the campfire. To register an interest in either event – please email

Volunteer Instructors

Despite a few setbacks due to covid cases – the Bonaly Volunteer Instructor team had been busy training and it won’t be too long before some Instructor-led activities are back at Bonaly. If you are interested in joining, or would just like a bit more information about what’s involved, please email

Have you booked Longcraig yet?

Have you booked Longcraig yet?

We’re bobbing along ………..on Christopher Wave……etc

(With due apologies to our colleagues in Gang Show!)

By the time you are reading this, Longcraig will have started to welcome Scouts back to take part in water activities! It’s been a long wait – for you just as it has been for us! The first of our sailing boats went on the water in mid-April, and others have followed. We have new moorings and mooring buoys this year for them to park at.

At this time, we are now almost fully booked for May and June but we still have slots in July and August & into September. Thank all those that have booked and apologies to those that have been unable to find a space. Centre operations are limited for this year to allow our volunteers and equipment to settle back into “normal” operations and to make sure that we continue to keep everyone safe, within the building, in the boats, and do our bit to help prevent any unnecessary spread of coronavirus.

We do hope to be able to open up additional slots for bookings as the season develops and we gain confidence that our new and tightened procedures are all working. We’ll keep you posted through these newsletters, and also by way of the ‘waiting list’ that we have set up this year, and we will provide additional slots only if we feel they can be supported.

You can find the latest updates at:

Remember to consider:

· We have introduced a special date in the calendar each month, to enable individuals, or small numbers from a group or section, to take part in activities without the need to have a full group which meets the minimum numbers

· The May one is on Saturday, May 28th.

· Sadly, we can’t offer any spaces for the June one, as it’s already full!

If these are successful, we do hope to be able to offer a similar date in July and August as well.

Summer Opportunities:

Whilst we have seen a lot of booking activity in the early part of the year (May and June) we would like to remind everyone that water activities continue throughout the summer. And, it’s often warmer and sunnier then too!

So please give consideration to an activity session in July or August or through into September – at the time of writing there’s a reasonable amount of availability so if you didn’t find what you wanted in the early summer have another look and pick up a slot over the summer months instead!

Did you know that you can hire some of our activity equipment for your summer camp or your family event? (Always p[provided that is being used safely and in line with Scout rules!). For details of what we have available, and an indication of costs, please contact

Facility updates

The old fencing is now all cleared, and we’ve cracked on (carefully and slowly!) with erecting the new fencing. 

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far (see photo), and we’ve already planted some new trees along the fence line to replace the ones we had to remove from our micro forest.

Training Courses

We are planning to run a dinghy sailing course (junior or adult level) over the weekend of 11/12 June.

On the same weekend we are also offering a Powerboat Course which would lead to the RYA Powerboat Certificate or contribute to a selection fo Scout and Explorer badges and awards. For details of what’s involved in either of these please contact

Q&A with MSYP’s Niamh and Ewan

Q&A with MSYP’s Niamh and Ewan

Meet Scouts Scotland MSYP and South East Scotland Scouts members Niamh Kirkland and Ewan Knight

We’re excited to introduce our South East Scotland members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs):

* Niamh Kirkland – Explorer at Pink Panthers ESU, Craigalmond and Young Leader with 30th Craigalmond cubs, and
* Ewan Knight – Explorer at Pink Panthers ESU, Craigalmond and a Young Leader for Blackhall Scout Group. 

Find out what is the Scottish Youth Parliament, what have Niamh and Ewan done with SYP, what they’ve done with Scouts including meeting Regional Commissioner Martin Elliot and Deputy Regional Commissioner Mike Treanor about improving youth involvement and being #YouthShaped in the region as part of our new strategy, and much more!

Photo: L-R. 

Deputy District Commissioner Mike Trainer
Ewan Knight
Niamh Kirkland 
Regional Commissioner Martin Elliot

The team met to discuss collective thoughts on youth involvement within South East Scotland Scouts – a key priority for our Regional Strategy. 

We look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure young people have a meaningful say in the shape of their Scouting!


Scottish Youth Parliament

The Scottish Youth Parliament represents Scotland’s young people aged 14-25 and Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) can raise issues on behalf of their Scouts Scotland constituency. SYP is one of Scotland’s largest co-educational youth movements, so our MSYPs play an important role in making sure the voices of our youth members contribute to discussion and debate at a national level.

What our MSYPs do

Our MSYPs are elected by our youth members (aged between 14 and 25) to represent their views at the Scottish Youth Parliament. To do this, they need to:

  • * Attend sittings all over Scotland.
  • * Present motions to the Scottish Youth Parliament based on topics or issues our members have chosen.
  • * Contribute to wider campaigns run by the Scottish Youth Parliament.


MSYP achievements

Scouts Scotland has been represented at the Scottish Youth Parliament since 2015. Our MSYPs have also:

  • * Campaigned for UCAS recognition for Scouting top awards.
  • * Introduced free period products at Scottish Scout Adventures Centres.
  • * Raised awareness of hidden disabilities.

For more visit –