South East Scotland Army Youth Challenge

South East Scotland Army Youth Challenge


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The weblink for bookings will be communicated via email from agreed District Commissioners and sold based on the capacity issued across the region in agreement with them.
Tickets go on sale on Thursday 12 May at 9am*.

This is a brand-new event for Scouts and Explorers aged 12-17 (aged as of the date of the event) from across South East Scotland Scouts region. It is a Youth Development fun weekend, delivered to a different group each day, including some of the badges/modules the Army supports as part of our Scouting programme. This is delivered via meaningful, educational, and experiential activities. 

It will take place at Dreghorn Barracks, Edinburgh, on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June (two separate events).

Tickets are priced at £10pp and sold on a first-come-first-served basis via Eventbrite. *Tickets will close once capacity is reached and/or before May 16th. An adult must complete the booking and payment (in Eventbrite this is referred to as ‘buyer’) on behalf of the young person (in Eventbrite this is referred to as ‘Ticket 1’). 


The aim is to add to our young people’s learning portfolio and develop skills for life with this invaluable Army experience. We will do this by developing Scout knowledge, and personal skills which contribute to our communities, helping them be the best they can be and preparing them for the challenges ahead in life and employment. There is a specific skill focus eg. resilience, confidence, leadership skills, communication, teamwork, organization, problem-solving, etc based on the programme. The event is based on living and acting by Scouting values.

The event is taking place in line with current Scottish Government guidance and Scouts Scotland readiness levels.

This webpage contains information about the programme, staffing, timings, health, and safety, costs, and volunteering.

For everyone, the safety and supervision of the participants is always our primary concern. A detailed Risk Assessment has been completed.

This event will be an amazing experience for everybody, participants, and leaders. It exemplifies what we do best in Scouting, providing inspiring, adventurous experiences and bringing people together who would otherwise not have an opportunity to meet. We anticipate action, adventure, and achievement to be delivered and a sense of ‘awesomeness’!

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This event is a series of 8 outdoor and adventures activities run in partnership with the Army.

It will take place at Dreghorn Barracks, Redford Rd, Edinburgh EH13 9QW, and will be run twice – once on Saturday 18th and again, as a repeat of day one, on Sunday 19th June 2022. It is non-residential.

Each day will consist of approx 80 Scouts and Explorers aged 12-17 on the day. Participants attend The Army Youth Challenge as a direct applicant, where an application has been made by their parent/ guardian. An allocation to specific  Districts over the two days has been provided in agreement with the District Commissioners.

During the event, the participants will participate in an exciting programme with a wide range of activities. The instructors running the activities – the Army – will be accompanied by Scout volunteers to help support the format, time plan and organisation of the days.

Each day events will run from roughly 8.30am to c5.30pm (excluding arrival/departure and de/briefing times), with a range of adventure activities spread throughout the day. There will be spaces for 80 young people each day, and activities tailored to achieve specific Scout Badges eg. Scouts Mechanic Badge and Explorers Leadership Badge (part of).

In advance of the event, the planning team will put the participants into Groups, mixing up ages and Districts the best that is possible and communicate this via email.

The trained and permit holding Army personnel will lead each activity and the scouting volunteers will provide a pastoral role in supporting the participants whilst they are on activity. 

The Health & Safety of everyone involved is the most important thing to us. To ensure this we have put in place additional procedures.

The Programme at a glance (this is subject to change):

Stand 1:  Low-Level Fieldcraft – cooking in the field, make a meal and a brew – Supporting Narrative/Talk – 3 Styles of Leadership

Stand 2: Shelter Building – improvised shelter building with what they have – Supporting Narrative/ Talk – Complete a Leaderless task – how did they perform as a Team?

Stand 3: Orienteering/navigation – basic group exercise/challenge – mini-planning exercise – eg up to 20 controls everyone has got to get 5. Get a plan together of how to achieve the objective. The plan is all should arrive back at the same time and check in together.

Stand 4: Mini-Command Task (‘Assault’) Course – physical fitness, nutrition, mental health – Teamwork / Resilience

Stands 5-7: Stands incorporating Scout Mechanic Badge – Car (depending on availability of Staff and Equipment)

Stand 8: DCCT – mini-fun shoot at Dreghorn (no human/animal target shapes) – available for those aged 14+ (not for under 14s, an alternative activity will be provided).


Tickets are priced at £10pp and do not include catering or transportation. Each participant must bring their own food/drink/medication and make their own way to the Barracks.

Tickets are non refundable unless due to the event being cancelled.

Tickets are not to be transferred.

The cost is for the event elements and delivery only, not profit.

Location is Dreghorn Barracks, Redford Road, Edinburgh, EH13 9QW

Date – Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June

Time – each day arrival is 7.30am as per the briefing which will be supplied and departure is 6pm

Participants must make their own way to/from the location.

The running of the event is the responsibility of the Army.

South East Scotland Scouts must provide a support team to deliver this event which is made up of at least 14 volunteers per day. Can you volunteer? We will ask in the online ticket sales but please be aware of the key need here. We cannot provide this event without volunteers. Please email Scouting Support Officer, Kirstie Armsworth.

Leaders, parents or other adult volunteers can help as event volunteers. A volunteer would be part of our Scouts Activity Supervisory Team.

Your role would be either:

  • * Supervisory Team – you be assigned a group to escort for the full day arriving at 7.30am and leaving at circa 5.30/6pm. You would supervise and care for the participants during the day. You would be responsible for 10 Scouts/Explorers. You will not lead/manage/deliver the activity as this is the responsibility of the Army. You will be given a briefing guide and asked to attend two short volunteer briefing sessions via zoom on June 2nd and 15th at 7.30pm. We need at least 12 helpers to allow for contingency.
  • * Meet/Greet Team – for drop off and pick up stations on Redford Road. We need at least 6 helpers to allow for contingency, please. Some of these could ‘cross over’ with the above Supervisory Team.
  • * Media Team – we are looking for 1 Scout and 1 Explorer per day to work together to manage and delivery our live/online and media activity. These roles will be recruited from the final participant list. The Scouting Support Officer can assist with guidance and advice.


  • Depending on the final plans additional volunteers may be required.

    As with all Scouting activities, this event operates under the provisions of The Scouts Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) and the Scottish Variations thereof. By volunteering, adult volunteers are agreeing to take on a range of responsibilities, and at the same time have a real opportunity to have a wonderful time. They are also agreeing to follow and adhere to the Scouts Code of Conduct. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to ensure that they understand the policies and procedures relevant to the work undertaken. This will be communicated in a volunteer guide and 2 x online briefing meetings. If anyone is not sure, please speak to the Event Leadership Team.


  • No catering will be supplied to participants – young people or adults. Everyone should bring their own provisions (lunch, snacks, and plenty of water) in a suitable bag (not a plastic bag) to always keep with them. If the weather turns extremely hot or cold the planning team will consider options accordingly. Water will be available to top up at the Barracks.

  • Any personal medicine should be brought with each participant and always kept on their person. Sun cream should be brought as well as a hand sanitiser. This information will be asked for in the booking forms in advance.
  • Clothing – full scout uniform must be worn. Information about clothing will be provided in the briefing notes for participants but robust weather-appropriate footwear is needed e.g., hiking shoes/boots (not trainers or wellies). Everyone must wear long trousers tucked into their footwear. Spare socks should be brought. Each participant will be issued a bib to always wear and must return before departure.

  • Kit list – rucksack or day bags are required to ensure all participants are self-sufficient throughout the day; plenty of water (no fizzy drinks or cans) – no water should be drunk from the burns; food -lunch and plenty of snacks (consider allergies – no nuts); waterproofs and warm clothing if appropriate; hat and sun cream; midge net/repellent; hand sanitiser; consideration of ticks (in the briefing notes) therefore no shorts and please self-check upon returning home); long trousers, boots/outdoor shoes (no trainers or wellies); pen/pencil. This is a guide and the final kit list will be confirmed with the final participants.

  • Mobile phones should not be used by Scouts or Explorers at any time during the day and, if brought, are brought at the owner’s risk. Mobile phones on-site are permitted for use by Army, Scout leaders/volunteers and Media Team. Scouts/Explorers should not bring any other electronic devices.

  • COVID guidelines will be followed as of the date of the event.

  • Bibs must be worn, and protocols adhered to as per the briefing and advance information circulated.

The Health & Safety of everyone involved is the most important thing to us. To ensure this the following additional procedures will be put in place.

As leaders in Scouting, we all have responsibility for Child Protection. All visitors to the site MUST be properly signed in and out. And adhere to the Army rules – full details will be provided in the Volunteer guide.

The Scout’s ‘Young People First’ (The Yellow Card) code of good practice must be adhered to during the event. All adults have a responsibility to ensure that young people are protected from harm

The Planning Team is a group to support the planning and delivery of this event. Kirstie Armsworth, Scouting Support Officer for South East Scotland Scouts, Keith Bryce, DC Pentland Scouts, John Buchanan, ARC (Explorers), Neil Hogg, ARC Section Support (Scouts) and youth member(s)  for the Media Team TBC. If you have a question please email, Scouting Support Officer, Kirstie Armsworth.

We wish to advise all that we will be taking photographs, video and/or audio footage, showing young people and adults for the purposes of
the Scouts, and values to help us encourage wider awareness and understanding. And for media engagement. If you do not wish any photography or imagery to be used please advise in the booking form as instructed and before June 10, 2022. Thank you.

Event information is subject to change.

Scouting Shaped by Young People in SE Scotland – RC’s Update

Scouting Shaped by Young People in SE Scotland – RC’s Update

Last month I spoke about the activities being organised across South East Scotland to support the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. One of the great things about these events has been the number of them which have been instigated or based on the ideas of young people within sections.   

As Regional Commissioner, one of the priorities that I have set is to ensure that all major decisions within the Region include engagement with young people to help ensure that the support that we offer can best meet the needs of young people across our sections, groups and districts. 

We have already ensured that interview panels for paid roles always include youth representation and I have now extended this to all Regional search committees for volunteer commissioner roles.  

I have also tried to ensure that young people have the opportunity to feed into Regional decision making. The picture above shows a recent meeting that Mike Treanor, Deputy RC, and I had with Niamh and Ewan, Scout’s Scotland’s Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament, who have been elected by young people involved in Scouting across Scotland to represent them. We had a brilliant discussion where Niamh and Ewan provided feedback on the proposed future strategy for South East Scotland Region, how we can improve our youth involvement and also provided important input which will directly affect how Regional funds are spent in the coming year. 

You can find out more about Niamh and Ewan’s work as MSYPs here.

Recognising the importance of this area, I am pleased to announce a new appointment to the Regional Leadership Team. Roux Hanna has been appointed as a Regional Adviser and their main focus will be on Youth Involvement, not just at Regional level but also supporting groups and districts and will also provide support to  Melissa Meldrum in her role as Regional Adviser for Inclusion. Roux recently moved to Edinburgh as a student at Queen Margaret University but did most of their Scouting in and around Dundee and we are both really looking forward to working together with young people and volunteers across the Region to continue to ensure that Scouting in South East Scotland is shaped by young people.    

Look out for more details on Roux’s exciting new role coming soon and we hope many of you will have the opportunity to meet them in person as they start to get around groups and sections. 

South East Scotland Scouts is #YouthShaped

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2. How are we doing? One of our goals is to help members in support of our young people and their personal development. We would like to invite you to ‘Have Your Say’ on what we include in the Regional newsletter. We understand you are busy so respect your time and have kept this short and concise. The information you provide is anonymous.


You have heard a lot in recent updates about the work that has been going on across the Region on our updated strategy and I am pleased to let you know that the final draft is awaiting approval by the Regional Executive Committee. I am really excited about the plans that we have and look forward to being able to share more details on this in the coming month

Yours in Scouting

Martin Elliot
Regional Commissioner 

Bonaly Backwoods Master Chef winner is…

Bonaly Backwoods Master Chef winner is…

Congratulations to the 26th Craigalmond Scouts who were the winners of the inaugural Bonaly Scouts Centre Backwoods Master Chef Cooking Competition.

The Scouts cooked a fantastic three course meal on an open fire, using nothing but tinfoil!
Starter – Spud Eggs
Main – Homemade burgers with salad
Desert – Fresh pineapple baked with white chocolate
The Scouts impressed everyone with their food – especially Muriel and Barbara from the Bonaly ASU catering team and special guest Sue Lawrence (MasterChef winner and author). 
Thanks to the help of Sue and the team it was a fun day with an emphasis on learning as well as an opportunity to show off culinary skills cooking on an open fire.
George Devine, Bonaly ASU Manager, said: “You don’t necessarily always need to use pots and pans to cook something delicious. It was great to make the most of our surroundings here at Bonaly and enjoy a tasty meal in the great outdoors”.

This will now be an annual event at Bonaly and the 26th Craigalmond are already making plans for next year. Thanks also to the 114th Braid Cubs who came along for the Sausage Sizzle and then enjoyed the Mini Zipline and Camouflage Tracking activities in the afternoon.

And more events are to come…

Following feedback from leaders, we have changed the dates of the upcoming Pioneering and Survival camp weekends to avoid the school holidays.

Pioneering weekend 18th & 19th June 

An opportunity for Scouts and Explorers to develop their pioneering skills and then put them into practice. On the Saturday, we will start with pioneering skills workshops and then the groups will build structures. On the Sunday, Cubs are invited for an Adventure Day where they will come and play on the structures and learn pioneering skills from the Scouts and Explorers. Risk assessments will be produced for the activities and be available on request.

Explorers Halloween Survival Weekend

Explorers will be challenged to survive the spooky Halloween weekend! They will be sleeping out without tents, cooking backwoods style and trying not to be too scared! There will be survival skills workshops running throughout the weekend and these will include natural cordage, advanced fire lighting and backwoods cooking techniques. There will also be the opportunity to share your survival skills with other Explores, and of course – ghost stories around the campfire. To register an interest in either event – please email

Volunteer Instructors

Despite a few setbacks due to covid cases – the Bonaly Volunteer Instructor team had been busy training and it won’t be too long before some Instructor-led activities are back at Bonaly. If you are interested in joining, or would just like a bit more information about what’s involved, please email

Supporting Ukraine – RC’s Update

Supporting Ukraine – RC’s Update

Like many around the world, I have been shocked and saddened to see the unfolding events in Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis which has left so many people without shelter, food, water and medical care, things that we all take for granted. 

As Scouts our values teach us to act with care, respect, integrity and co-operation and so we recognise we are part of a worldwide family of Scouting and join with the international Scouting movement in standing alongside the people of Ukraine . 

During this troubling time it has been encouraging to see so many of our members in South East Scotland Scouts living out these Scouting values and taking steps to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. I had the pleasure of being able to join Meadows Explorer Unit in Braid District last weekend for their Ukrainian lunch fundraiser event where as well as enjoying some great food and great company, much needed funds were raised for a Ukrainian children’s charity. 

We have seen many others getting involved, including the Galashiels Cubs pictured above, who held a sponsored silence which raised a brilliant £325 for the Disasters Emergency Committee for Children of the Ukraine. Thank you to all the young people and adult volunteers who have got involved to support Ukraine – it has been inspiring to see. If you are planning an event please let us know and we can promote it across the Region as well as recognise the work of our members. 

We also recognise that the current situation can be very unsettling for our members, some of whom have family and friends in the Region. As a result it can be a difficult subject to cover with our young people but if you are interested in doing so I would encourage you to look at the resources provided by the UK Scouts to help you approach the subject with different age groups. 

I also found this video helpful. Presented by our very own Graham Coulson, it introduced the Dialogue for Peace programme,  which some of you may find interesting. 


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2. How are we doing? One of our goals is to help members in support of our young people and their personal development. We would like to invite you to ‘Have Your Say’ on what we include in the Regional newsletter. We understand you are busy so respect your time and have kept this short and concise. The information you provide is anonymous.


As we approach the Easter break, I know some groups and units are preparing for Easter camps – in some cases the first since pre-COVID. Whatever your plans, I hope that all of you have the opportunity to take a well earned break from Scouting and enjoy some downtime. All of your efforts over the last few years to keep Scouting going in the Region have been extraordinary – our volunteers make our Region and that’s why we are in such a strong position so thank you for all that you do!  

Yours in Scouting

Martin Elliot
Regional Commissioner 

Meet our Volunteer Iain MacBride

Meet our Volunteer Iain MacBride

Training Advisers have an essential job in providing support to those undertaking training for their appointment in Scouting. The key role of a Training Adviser (TA) is to support a learner through The Scouts’ Adult Training Scheme. Our excellent South East Scotland Scouts TA team provide our volunteers with superb assistance, the tools and tips to feel trained, supported and happy in your role. We couldn’t deliver Scouting without them!

Which is why we are so pleased to introduce you to Iain MacBride, from the South East Scotland Scouts region and Craigalmond District, who works hard in the background to ensure our volunteer leaders and members have the skills, knowledge and attitudes they need to be effective in their Scouting role. You can become a Training Adviser – see more below – and find the perfect volunteer role for yourself. Whether you want to work with young people directly or help behind the scenes, there’s something for everyone at Scouts.

Name – Iain MacBride
Group and District – South East Scotland Scouts region and Craigalmond District
Role – Regional Trainer and Assistant District Commissioner (ADC) Cubs

Fun fact –first time ever abseiled was off the cliff at Lochgoilhead – aged 50! 

What made you agree to be on the Region training team
After being a Cub Leader for a good spell, then ADC Cubs, I was keen to improve my skills as a Training Adviser. So, I did a Regional course on presenting about 5 years ago.  After meeting some of the brilliant trainers,  felt honoured when asked to join the team.  Delivering courses to a roomful of volunteers after successfully leading a large pack of boisterous, enthusiastic noisy Cub Scouts, should be a breeze!  It brings different challenges of course, not least finding ways to keep the training calendar on track despite face to face restrictions by pioneering Zoom courses.

I’ve since discovered a passion for education, doing my very best to  present learning so its  fun, innovative and memorable for the amazing and enthusiastic Leaders its my privilege to meet.  Working with the team  I regularly present three of the Wood Badge modules each term and also the Training Advisers course, helping qualified Leaders with the vital job of supporting even more new Leaders with their training. Now more than ever before, its so important that volunteers are supported and have access to achieve all the training they should have to produce brilliant Scouting.    

Why did you start volunteering with Scouts?   
I loved being  a Cub Scout way, way back when a cap was part of the uniform and became a Scout when we still wore berets, but then had a break from Scouting while studying, career and family were the priorities. My Scouting drought lasted 25 years, but then as a parent, like so many others, I wanted to offer support and when my son first joined Scouting, it reminded me so much of the fun, adventure and joy I had as a child.  Without further delay, I signed up and threw myself into volunteering almost as if making up for lost time. Becoming a Cub Leader, I was delighted to find that Scouting had moved with the times, but was still as much great fun and even more exciting activities than I remembered, and no longer any odd headgear to worry about!  Once I had my Wood Badge, being a Training Adviser sparked my first interest in the training side of things. Eventually I became ADC Cubs in the Craigalmond District and was thrilled to be part of the Cubs 100 celebrations, when we held the biggest ever District camp, truly memorable. 

What is the best thing you’ve done while volunteering with Scouts? 
There have been so many brilliant rewarding moments, its difficult to pick out one – so here are a few best bits. Without doubt one of the best was taking that giant leap to sign up as a volunteer in the first place.  From the smallest, shyest Cub saying: “Thanks I had fun at Cubs tonight” to travelling on two European expeditions, visiting Kandersteg. As a TA seeing the first Leader I supported presented with their Wood Beads was a proud moment and I was happy to bask in reflected glory. The fabulous thrill of almost 200 Cub Scouts doing a Pack Howl around the Bonaly flagpoles at Cubs 100 is unforgettable.  

Have you learned anything new as a volunteer? 
I’m frequently bowled over when I meet enthusiastic and amazing volunteers who do a fantastic job. So that they can be the best they can be, I’ve learnt that high quality Scouting for our young people has strong links to the Adult Training Scheme. It’s the icing on the cake, making it come alive to engage as many volunteers as possible is the way forward. It may sound like I’ve got a bit of a passion for this, but the more qualified Leaders out there, the better, safer and more fun we can all have!  

How do you think volunteering helps in your life? 
From when I first was involved as a parent helper over 20 years, I had first hand experience that Scouting is massively inclusive –  it made a big impact then and in later life. As a partially-sighted person, I know the benefits and value of a supportive teams and how open attitudes towards diversity and inclusion is embraced and championed in Scouting.  Like many parents, I’m proud that my children have grown up in the movement having so many  fantastic experiences of their own. Now as adults, they are carving their Scouting careers with the new generation of Leaders. Life has its ups and downs for everyone, and volunteering for me has often been that steady rock when needed.  During the last two years especially, many have discovered Scouting can have a hugely positive impact on our well-being and I certainly look forward with excitement and confidence to the future as part of it. . 

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of volunteering with Scouts? 
Don’t put it off!  Seize the moment and make the most of it. Yes, I know only too well, that’s easier said than done. Volunteering is a commitment, but you don’t need to have a set of extra- broad shoulders brought in to try it out and do it.  Scouters are by nature friendly, supportive, share common values and enjoy helping young people and adults alike. There’s support there if you need it, volunteering can be so rewarding, exciting and at times demanding – whether you can give a little time or a lot, come along among and try the challenges.  

Do you want to become involved with training at South East Scotland Scouts? We’d love to have you part of our team.

Our South East Scotland Scouts 7 Districts teams, who are – BordersBraidCraigalmondEast LothianEdinburgh North East, Midlothian and Pentland are all looking for: 

Our South East Scotland Scouts Region needs: 

  • Training Delivery Managers
  • NEW: A helper to Assistant Regional Commissioner Adult Training – Mary Dick who leads the wider regional training team. Are you interested in developing your training skills, knowledge and experience?


Trainers are key to the volunteer training scheme at the Scouts. As a volunteer, we value their contribution to delivering the #SkillsForLife to our young people and in helping make Scouting as much an adult experience as it is for the young! If you’ve decided to help others to complete their training then we have the resources and tips to support you. If you have the personal skills (no prior formal qualifications are required), interest and means please reach out to the Training Team for an informal chat. Thanks! 

Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative  Community Benefit scheme is now open

Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative Community Benefit scheme is now open

The Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative Community Benefit scheme is now open for grant applications from community-focused organisations in Edinburgh that wish to:

  • * purchase equipment
  • * provide additional activities
  • * provide education to reduce carbon
  • * install small-scale renewable to their premises
  • * make environmental improvements to their buildings


Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative raises capital from the public to place solar panel installations on City of Edinburgh Council buildings (schools, leisure centres and other council owned buildings). As well as paying annual returns to our investors, we allocate part of our profits to community causes that benefit the people of Edinburgh.

Applicants can apply for a minimum of £1000 and a maximum of £5000. Eligible organisations can apply for the full cost of a project or a smaller contribution to a larger project. The average grant is likely to be in the region of £1500.Funds for larger projects will not be released until the applicant can demonstrate that they have the remainder of the funds in place.

Applications are now open with a closing date of 30th June 2022.


  1. Schools and Leisure Centres in Edinburgh
  2. Registered charities or community organisations (with a bank account) operating within Edinburgh with a particular focus on:
  • Children and young people
  • The environment and sustainability
  • Outdoor education
  • Sports clubs

Purpose of the grant

  1. Environment/sustainability education
  2. Environmental improvements to buildings used by communities
  3. Health, well-being and inclusion (for example community gardens, healthy eating programmes, or improved access to facilities for people with additional mobility needs)
  4. Small-scale renewables/activities that reduce carbon
  5. Initiatives that address fuel poverty

Re-purposed solar panels

ECSC currently has 36 (260w) used solar panels that can be re-purposed on other structures. Applicants can apply for up to 15 panels plus installation costs. The estimated cost to install a panel would be £52 plus the cost of a new inverter. For example, a good-sized system might be: 15 panels (4kW) – if facing south will generate 3,200 kWh/yr. The cost would be between £2K-2.5K to install, including the new inverter (plus any scaffolding required).


Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • Provide evidence of spend on the grant as specified in the application (including any variance)
  • Complete a short impact report, which can be used to develop a case study by ECSC for its website, publicity and other communications purposes, including photo images.

The application process requires completion of a short form available on ECSC’s website  

The closing date for applications is 3oth June 2022. Decisions will be made in late August 2022.

Enquiries and completed application forms should be sent to: