A reminder of a couple of permit changes – please make sure you are familiar with the new requirements if relevant to you.

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) – a SUP permit will be required for this activity from 1 April 2024 (other than class C waters).

We are seeking an assessor – if you are willing to become an assessor please let me know. In the meantime, any urgent applications for a permit, please discuss with Bruce.

Off road cycling – from 31 August 2024 the permit requirements have been updated.

Brief Summary:

Off-road cycling level 1 – Permit holder must be no more than 2.5km or 30 minutes walking distance from emergency vehicle support.

Off-road cycling level 2 – Permit holder will be able to safely lead / manage and teach cycling activity on red or black

For individuals looking at a permit assessment these will take place in the appropriate environment for “ Off-road cycling “ level they are looking to supervise.

More detailed information about “Off Road Cycling” and the assessment checklist can be found here :-


Any questions please contact Bruce maps@sesscouts.org.uk