Longcraig Road update

No story, it’s all in the pictures this time! But now it’s happened after many months of talking about it!! 

Welcome to our new road! We look forward to meeting you once again when you get to the end of this particular road! 

L: Entering from Hawes Brae

R: Kerb stone detail to protect from water damage  

Through the dark and wooded section.

Home straight!

(Ah, yes, it does stop a little short of our pier!!)

Losses at Sea 

It was with great sadness that we read of the death of a SEI Whale in the Firth of Forth on November 11th. It is very likely that this might have been the same one that visited Longcraig earlier in the year, doing a tour of inspection of our moorings as we hadn’t used them for a while. 

Tests have been carried out by a veterinary pathologist who reported that the whale was a sick animal, with a high level of parasites in its gut, an ear infection, and was very depleted in energy reserves. There were indications it had not eaten for some time before its death, and the actions of several reported strandings on various beaches a few days earlier had probably depleted it’s energy even further. 

We can though rest more confidently that it was not killed by human impact and in particular it was not found to be full of our dreaded plastic waste. 

It may be some time before we see another Sei Whale on our shores. 

A reminder of happier days in April this year when a Sei Whale visited us. 

We also learned this weekend of the deaths of over 800 seal pups at or around St Abbs Head, down the coast from Dunbar, caused by the Storm Arwen which generated mountainous seas along the east coast, driven by the winds of up to 100mph. This amounted to around 40% of all the new seal pups born this autumn in that particular area, so quite a significant loss and another, less seen, side effect of the weekend’s storm. 

Christmas is approaching! 

Like many organisations at this time of year, we at Longcraig can also offer things such as Gift Vouchers which you can wrap up at Christmas as gifts, or thank you tokens, or as a means of providing support to group or section activity bookings in the future. 

As the list of options could be extensive and widely varied, we don’t publish a ‘voucher price list’ as such, but in essence here are a few ideas which could be considered: 

  • An individual activity session 
  • A multiple activity session (one session – several people; or multiple sessions for one person) 
  • A training course 
  • A badge session (leading to one or other scout badges) 

Vouchers can be generated to any agreed value and can be used as payment or part payment for any of the activities on offer at Longcraig. Please check on our website for a taste of what we are able to offer! 

To request a voucher, please email us at getinvolved@longcraig.info