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Being a Beaver Scout Section Leader

Every week, they gather in groups called Beaver Colonies to hop, skip and jump their way through lots of different games and activities – achieving anything they set their minds to and having lots of fun along the way. Being a Beaver is all about growing and learning in small but mighty ways. And this section is supported by our backbone of BEAVER SCOUT LEADERS. They are an awesome bunch – friendly and fun.

ext in our ‘Meet our Volunteer’ series, we’d like to introduce you to David, Beaver Leader for 114th Braid – Fairmilehead Scout Group. Read his story and for yourself. Whether you want to work with young people directly or help behind the scenes, there’s something for everyone at Scouts.

Calling all tea makers, tidy-uppers, activity planners, and helpers for as little or as much time as you can spare! We are looking for volunteers to support our Beaver groups. No experience in Scouting is required and we have flexible roles to suit everyone.

David Bentley

Name – David Bentley
Group and District – 114th Braid Scout Group (Fairmilehead)
Role – Beaver Scout Section Leader
Joined Scouting as a volunteer – 2010

Any former Scouting experience? I started my adult volunteering in 2010 at Fairmilehead when my eldest son started in Beavers. I have stayed with the Beaver Scouts since but occasionally help out in the other sections including Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Explorers. 

Any previous experience in Scouting? I was a Cub Scout back in the 1980s. A fair amount has changed since then though!

A bit about my role:
As a section leader, there’s a bit more to it than just showing up with the young folk. You need to co-ordinate resources, manage the programme and communicate with the parents. But it’s no great hardship and other adult volunteers are great at sharing the workload. And most of the workload is fun anyway – at least it’s different from your day job.  

Why did you start volunteering with Scouts?
There was a waiting list at our local Scout Group and I sensed they could do with a hand. Besides, I enjoyed myself at Cubs when I was younger and it was about time to put something back in!

What is the best thing you’ve done while volunteering with Scouts?
Camps are always a hoot. Especially the multi-section ones where there are loads of activities going on such as zip-lining, campfires and tug o war. For many Beavers it’s also their first night away without their parents so there’s a lot of excitement.

Have you learned anything new as a volunteer?
Some practical skills such as first aid and better camp craft. We also get to see new places and meet people from other walks of life such as firefighters, police officers and even astronomers!

How do you think volunteering helps in your life?
Well, you get to hone in your soft skills such as time management and giving instructions whilst keeping attention. But it’s also great to immerse yourself in something completely different for short periods and forget about work for awhile. It’s quite a social vocation and you get to learn a lot about your local community.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking of volunteering with Scouts?
Go for it. The great thing about volunteering is you can do as little or as much as you like. The time commitment is flexible according to the role. You will learn something different but most importantly its actually quite fun

Thinking of becoming a volunteer?

Volunteers make Scouts happen at a national level as well as a local one. From our Chief Scout and Chair of our Board to the incredible volunteers who support young people as leaders and occasional helpers at our local groups, these are just some of the superstars who’ve stepped up to inspire a generation.  We’re proud that Scouts is a volunteer led movement. That’s where you come in. 

What impact will this make?

  • * You will be making a huge and positive impact to the life experiences of young boys and girls in significant and lasting ways. Many of our Scouts will value your input in their lives for the rest of their life. You will also help and support the present Leader and team by being part of our family.
  • * Being another reliable person children and parents can share their news and concerns with you will be helping to build the confidence of children and their families and supporting them to more fulfilling lives.
  • * Making meetings and outdoor activities safer, better run and more fun.
  • * Adding your own personality and skills what we can offer local children.

There are lots of ways you can get more involved with Scouts in Braid as a parent, carer or family member. From helping out occasionally on a family rota or playing a vital role behind the scenes, to stepping up as a leader, our volunteering activities are as varied as you.

We’re talking tidy uppers and tea makers, session planners and zoom navigators, fundraisers and treasurers, and all-round team players to support our young people.

The good news is you shape what you do and the time you have to give. Scouts happens when a lot of us give a little (and no, you don’t have to be a Scout or outdoors expert to volunteer).

Across the Braid District, the current vacancies include:

  • * Explorer Leaders
  • * Section Leaders – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
  • * Section Assistants – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts
  • * Executive Members – Secretary, Treasurer, Chair

What to expect:

  • * A warm welcome
  • * Flexibility to get involved in a way that works for you
  • * Easy access to training and resources online
  • * Friendly ongoing support from local volunteers

* No two weeks are the same, but the impact you make is always great.

Make a difference, volunteer today

To find out more about helping out, speak to the leader at your local group or use our volunteer enquiry form which can be found using the option below. Share your details and a volunteer from your local team will be in touch soon.