South East Scotland Scouts Inclusion Fund

Please indicate correct E-mail as your confirmation of grant will be sent to this address.
Give specific details to support your application i.e. how the event or project will actively reduce barriers to membership for both young people and adult volunteers to help make Scouting in the Region representative of our wider communities. How will you know that you have made a difference? What change do you expect to happen?
Please state how much you wish to apply for, from which fund(s) and whether this is to fund the whole or part of the requirement. Please give details of any other relevant income; participant costs, fundraising, contributions from elsewhere. The funds available are: - Additional Support Needs Fund – Beitha Younger/Walter McDougall - Additional Support Needs – South East Scotland
Give details of when you require the funding by. Note, it may take us about 4-6 weeks before we can consider your application and then provide a response.
Please ensure your line manager has approved your application and provide their name and role. This person who is selected as a supporter should; Be aware of this application The content of the application Is able to speak about your project and has a different role from you.
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For all amounts paid an evaluation must be completed within 3 months of completion of the project (or on request). This evaluation includes outcomes and a financial report