2nd Haddington Explorer Scouts Bushcraft & Survival Weekend

2nd Haddington Explorer Scouts Bushcraft & Survival Weekend

On Friday 4th October the 2nd Haddington Explorers ventured out to the idyllic location of Bolton Muir Woods, where we spent the weekend wild camping.

When everyone arrived, we spread out and found their ideal location to pitch their tents and hang their hammocks.

Task accomplished, we worked in collaboration to peg out a large parachute where we socialised and ate. Fulfilled, we went to bed.

Saturday morning bright and early we all made our way out of bed, where we ate breakfast and went over the itinerary for the day.

The main jobs for the day were building a table, prepping our meals, collecting/chopping firewood and creating a shelter where we would spend our second night.

The shelter took up the majority of our day as we built a structure out of wood and layered bracken over the top to make it more water resistant and add insulation.

After our achievement we dressed the game and prepped the veg for dinner. Once dinner was finished, we spent a cold and wet night in the shelter.

Once we woke up and finished breakfast, we packed our bags but left our tents for later.

Neville Kilkenny came and educated us about the different types of fungi and how to identify them. After we ventured further into the forest we chopped and cook the edible mushrooms we had collected and had them for our lunch. We didn’t have long left until we had to leave so we packed up the remaining of our equipment and left.

East Lothian Scout District’s Information Events

East Lothian Scout District’s Information Events

If 2020 is the year for you to accept a new challenge, then come along to one of the East Lothian Scout Districts’ Information Events

Scouting is thriving in the East Lothian District and we offer Scouting to nearly 1,000 young people aged 6-18 giving them “skills for life” to help them build their confidence and resilience, work as a team and contribute to their community and most importantly have fun doing so!

They are supported by over 200 adult volunteers in a wide variety of roles, both working directly with young people as well as behind the scenes.

We are looking for new adult volunteers to support our existing Scout teams as we currently have a waiting list of nearly 300 young people in East Lothian which is likely to increase due to the population growth in our area. Having more adults involved will ensure that we can respond to these challenges and continue to offer more young people the ability to try new experiences and have adventures such as camping, fire-lighting, climbing and abseiling, and yes, learn how to tie and use knots.

You don’t need to have any specific skills, or have been in scouting as a child or be like Bear Grylls to get involved. We have lots of different and flexible roles local to you which means you can give as little or as much time as you like, working with young people directly or behind the scenes.

We would love to be able to explain more about Scouting across East Lothian and the opportunities we have for you to get involved.  Please come along to one of the Scout Information Events listed below to learn more about your local Scout  group and discover how you can give young people the skills they need to succeed in life and how being part of the Scouting family can be as rewarding for you as it is for them.

We look forward to meeting you!


Scout Information Events




Address of Event


19th Jan


Haddington Scout Hall, off Tynebank Road, Haddington, EH41 4DB


21st Jan


Tranent Parish Church Hall, Church St, Tranent, EH33 1BX


24th Jan


Cockenzie House, 22 Edinburgh Rd, Prestonpans, EH32 0HY

East Linton

26th Jan


East Linton Village Hall, 75 High St, East Linton, EH40 3BQ

North Berwick

27th Jan


North Berwick Scout Hall, 53 St Baldreds Rd, North Berwick, EH39 4PY


29th Jan


Bleachingfield Centre, Countess Crescent, Dunbar, EH42 1DX


30th Jan


The Carriage House, Pencaitland Parish Church, Pencaitland, EH34 5DL.


2nd Feb


Longniddry Scout Hall, Douglas Rd, Longniddry, EH32 0LE


25th Feb


Inveresk Church Hall, 21A Dalrymple Loan, Musselburgh, EH21 7DH

Welcome to our new District Commissioner for East Lothian

Hilary Cartwright

I am a volunteer that had absolutely no relevant previous Scouting experience or Scouting skills 10 years ago. I found my way into Scouting in North Berwick like many volunteers do by stepping forward to ensure a section didn’t close, so my sons’ could get involved.

I joined the movement in 2009 as Beaver Scout leader and persuaded some friends to join me whilst away camping to secure the colony’s future. Then I moved on to being Cub Scout leader in 2014.

It is through both of these roles that my passion for Scouting for All was nurtured as I have a genuine passion to enable young people to do more, learn more and be more, through fun and adventure, as I have seen first-hand that we do make a difference and do have a positive impact on many young people through our shared Scouting adventures.

I have been Group Scout Leader with 1st North Berwick since Jan 2017. I recognise the key to successful local Scouting is continuous recruitment programmes and then active support of leaders and executive group members in their roles. 

So I became a District Training Advisor and a Regional Safeguarding Trainer in 2017. Later in the year I was persuaded to accept the role of Deputy District Commissioner (Adult Support) in 2017, which has enabled me to meet and support many leaders across the large geographical area of our District. 

I am very honoured to be appointed to the role of the District Commissioner for East Lothian. I will continue to be a passionate advocate for young people and for the adults who volunteer to support them 

But Scouting is far removed from my day job as a Chartered Physiotherapist, having worked for many years in NHS  and then subsequently in the private and charitable sectors in various clinical and managerial roles. When I’m not working or Scouting, I am the CEO of my growing family but I do find time for a good book, a box set or a kayak in the North Sea, but couldn’t do any of the above without the enduring support of my family. 

Hilary Cartwright


“I am delighted to announce the appointment of our new District Commissioner for East Lothian. I am very confident that she will bring enthusiasm, energy and a real commitment to working with leaders and supporters to enabling young people to have a great time in Scouting.”

Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner.

A busy night at Cubs learning to tie the Reef Knot and Round Lashing

A busy night at Longniddry Cubs learning to tie the Reef Knot and Round Lashing. The Cubs then had to capture an escaped lizard, make a flagpole higher than the Bowling Club’s one, drop a tennis ball into a space on the roof and make a 4 metre selfie stick! As you do!

Another successful sleepover for Pencaitland Beavers!

Despite the wet weather, the 6th Annual Pencaitland Beaver Sleepover went ahead on 9 August at the Carriage House in Pencaitland.

Thirteen beavers, some of them spending their first night away from home, bunked down at the Carriage House after an evening comprising a barbecue, a (very muddy) nature walk in the Winton Estate, making mini clay monsters and cooking: ‘smores’, chocolate bananas and toasting marshmallows.  We also made get well cards for our assistant Beaver leader, Bede, who was badly injured in an accident over the Summer; get well soon Bede! 

The evening was brought to an end with a campfire and enthusiastic renditions of ‘Heads, Shoulder, Knees and Toes’ and, rather appropriately, ‘Singing in The Rain.’ 

After an early breakfast, the Beavers played team games in the Carriage House courtyard between showers, before a few rounds of the obligatory camp game  ‘Are these your socks?’ Once packed up, the Beavers devoured a snack of juice, fruit and crisps and we split into two groups for crafts (printing and making bookmarks) before coming back together to put up a tent. 

Parents arrived to pick up their charges just as the rain stopped.  Another successful sleepover to kick off a new term of Beavers in Pencaitland was in the bag!

David Donohoe, Beaver Leader, East Lothian District

Iain Gray, MSP for East Lothian visits East Lothian Beavers

Iain has risen to the challenge and has agreed to complete the Scouts Scotland Youth Advocacy Award which is an award from Scouts Scotland exclusively for MSPs who are committed to raising issues related to young people in the Scottish Parliament.

He is working towards his Youth Advocacy Award by completing a number of activities in the same way all Scouts do for their badges. These actions have been chosen and designed by young people in Scouting.

He visited and joined in helping with 1st North Berwick Scout Group – Monday Beavers on 3rd June 2019 which is one of activities towards his award.

He helped our Beavers with their camp preparation which included, learning some songs with actions around our indoor campfire, helping the Beavers Scouts decide what to pack for camp so that the  Beavers can “Be Prepared“, how to unpack and pack their sleeping bag, learning how to make a reef knot and the tradition of having a Scout camp blanket. Some Beavers discussed in detail with what activities they did to earn their Personal challenge badge.

# skills for life packing up your sleeping bag 

His visit also took place during National Volunteers Week and it was a great opportunity for him to find out about the work that all our volunteers do on a weekly basis across East Lothian.

As an East Lothian MSP, he was presented with an East Lothian District Scout Necker by Hilary Cartwright, Group Scout leader, 1st North Berwick and Deputy District Commissioner of East Lothian Scout District.

1st North Berwick Scout Group wishes him well as he continues to raise issues on behalf of young people in East Lothian in the Scottish Parliament and as he strives to achieve his award.