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As an early adopter, South East Scotland Region is on target to be moving over to the new digital system (replacing compass) in early 2024, which will trigger improvements to the way we volunteer, reducing admin time and make Scouts more attractive to new volunteers. 

This will be achieved by simplifying and streamlining our processes along with making information more understandable, utilising new digital systems and tools for an improved experience while enhancing volunteer support. 

We also seek to make volunteer onboarding and activities more welcoming, flexible, engaging and supported. 

Transforming the Volunteer Experience  

There are four significant changes in our approach to our volunteering experience which we will see come to life in the early part of 2024. Here is a one-page summary that will provide you with a good overview of the changes coming our way and the underlying reasons behind them. 

This one-page document has been produced to accompany our Transformation Series hosted by Martin Elliot, our Lead Volunteer along with Scott Goddard our Transformation Lead.  

Now is a great time to start engaging in discussions about these enhancements with your Scouting colleagues within your Districts and Groups, in order that we are all as prepared as we can be for this exciting new chapter in our movement. 

In the coming months, we will also look to launch a digital checkpoint in which you can view all the up-and-coming changes locally along with the things we’ll need to do to be ready within South East Scotland. 

Digital Membership System

We have a new membership system going live in early 2024 which will reduce admin so that volunteers have more time to focus on delivering skills for life for young people.  

This video has an overview of many of the features that will improve your experience as a volunteer no matter what you do for Scouts. It’s about 30 mins long but you can view specific features of the system. 

How we Volunteer Together

Have a look at this short video which explains a new team based approach to volunteering which reduces the burden on our current volunteers, encouraging them to stay involved longer and making it more attractive for new people to get involved. If you prefer looking at slides you can download them here.  

A Warmer Welcome  

Have a look at the short videos here which explain why we are moving from ‘appointments committees’ to ‘welcome conversations’ to offer a more welcoming experience for new volunteers while keeping the existing robust checks in place, They also show how to prepare for and have a welcome conversation. If you would prefer to look at slides you can download them here.  

Move from Executive Committees to Trustee Boards 

If you’re involved as a trustee this page helps explain the rationale behind moving from Executive Committees to Trustee Boards, what you need to do to prepare, and the actions you need to take.  

More Engaging Learning  

A move from training to learning aims to make things more accessible, personalised and relevant so you can decide what skills you need to support young people and aid your own self development. This page provides more information about the exciting changes coming. 


Our Transformation Lead, Scott Goddard, supported by the Regional and District Teams, has and will continue to support you as we make the changes to our Volunteer Experience – this includes: 

  • District Transformation Events during September and October  

  • An event focusing on Learning with those currently involved in Training in October  

  • Online and face to face support for training module validation  

  • Events for trustees in November/December    

During the coming weeks there will be more reminders about how we can all get ready so that we get the full benefit from these changes. In the meantime, if you want to get in touch, please email   

You can also keep up to date in out South East Scotland Scouts Private Members-Only Facebook Group. If you haven’t already joined now is a great time to connect. It’s so helpful, a great resource and a networking tool.

All adult volunteers in South East Scotland Scouts is eligible and encouraged to be part of this communications group. Click to join.