Getting Everyone Back Together Safely

Getting Everyone Back Together Safely

As lockdown measures start to ease, UK Scouts/SHQ are working with youth sector partners and other Government bodies to understand what a safe return to face to face Scouts may look like when the readiness level reduces from red.

A framework and set of guidance on how elements of face to face Scouts could take place and the safety measures we would need to take into account has been produced.

 You can also watch a webinar explaining more on how you can re-start Scouts. 

Please remember, face to face Scouts is still suspended as the readiness level for Scotland is still red – but this is guidance to help you prepare for a for a time where restrictions may ease enough to allow it. 

If you wish, you can review this guidance now and start to make local plans for how you would implement some face to face activities once the readiness level in the nation is reduced but please ensure you adhere to the guidance and the associated sign off processes BEFORE engaging young people in any indoor or outdoor face to face Scouting. In addition, please check with your Group/District about other local requirements e.g. who approves risk assessments.

However, please do not feel pressurised to take any action at this stage if you prefer not to.

We will continue to update you on advice given going forward.


Mike Treanor
Scouting Support Officer 

A Reminder: Are you up to date with your safety training?

A Reminder: Are you up to date with your safety training?

Did you know that it is a mandatory requirement for all leaders in Scouting to have completed safety training?


Safety is at the forefront of all our minds just now after the fatal accident in North Wales, and we will be criticised very heavily if we have not done the training. Safety training is mandatory in Scouting.

Have you done the safety training? And is your safety training up-to-date on your own personal record on Compass?

Please can you make sure that you have had safety training in ‘Getting Started’ training, and then in ‘Running Safe Activities for Section Leaders’, or the ‘Safety module’ of the Managers and Supporters training. You can also do safety training online and it only takes 30 mins.

If you are not sure what you should do, please can you ask your GSL, your Training Adviser or your Assistant District Commissioner Adult Training (ADC AT.  In addition, you can seek advice from Mary Dick, Assistant Regional Commissioner – Adult Training.

I am going to ask for a check to be run on all leaders’ Compass records in two months’ time to ensure everyone is up to date. I will then discuss with District Commissioners what action to take, should we still have leaders who have not completed their mandatory training.

Please do the training as soon as possible – more details were provided in the January Regional Newsletter.

Start the safety ongoing training e-learning.

Ongoing Safety Training FAQs.

Margery Naylor
Regional Commissioner, South East Scotland Scouts

Regional Adviser, Safety: Could you help us be more safety aware in the Region?

Regional Adviser, Safety: Could you help us be more safety aware in the Region?

(And can you spot the mistake in this photo of Scouts on a winter hike in the hills? – Answer at the end of the article)

We need a Regional Adviser who will assist leaders to think about making sure all our activities with young people are safe.

It could be a question of prompting leaders to do the 20 minute Safety Module online. It couldn’t be easier!

Or helping us build up a bank of risk assessments for all sorts of activities and camps, so no-one need reinvent the wheel. Leaders can then use one of them and customise it to fit their activities and camps. Just think how much that could help our time-stretched leaders!

As the Regional Adviser for Safety, you would join the Regional Leadership Team and be part of an active team working to support leaders to provide great fun and adventure to our young people – safely. You would get advice and support from one of our Deputy Regional Commissioners.

Above all, you would know that your input would be of enormous benefit to leaders and young people.

Here is a brief role description:

  1.  Outline: To promote The Association’s Safety Policy within South East Scotland. To advise the Regional Commissioner and Executive Committee on the implementation of the Association’s Safety Policy within the Region and to assist District Commissioners in operating the policy.
  2. Main Tasks:
  • Work with District Commissioners and leaders to promote awareness of the Association’s Safety Policy and ‘good practice’ procedures for all adult volunteers involved in providing Scouting activities.
  • Provide practical support and assistance to District Commissioners and leaders in managing safety issues within Groups and the District, including at Scout campsites.
  • Work with trainers to ensure that the Safety Policy and its implementation are effectively covered through training and workshop programmes.
  • Ensure that Appointment Advisory Committees are fully briefed on the need to ensure that new adults coming into Scouting are fully aware of the Association’s Safety Policy and their associated responsibilities.

 Here are some helpful links about the role:

If you are interested in this role, please contact Margery Naylor, Regional Commissioner, or Simon Cocker, Deputy Regional Commissioner,

 Answer: Jeans are not suitable for winter hikes!

Are you up to date with your safety training?

Are you up to date with your safety training?

Did you know that all leaders have to do a mandatory Safety training course – and keep it up to date? But it could not be easier! It must be done online and it takes only 30 minutes to do the online course.

We believe that the key to successfully improving safety in Scouting lies in enhancing the culture of safety within our Movement. It’s important as we enter the New Year that those adult volunteers who need to complete the ongoing safety training do so.

Ongoing safety training is available to anyone who wants to complete it. However, it primarily applies to those people required to complete ongoing safeguarding training – that is all those people who must have a 5-year appointment review.  Essentially, this means anyone who holds an appointment, except for Scout Active Support Members, Executive Committee Members or Casual/Occasional Helpers who are not required to undertake any training.

Scouting safety training should be up-to-date at all time and should be monitored at the 5-year review.

What does this training include?

The training is undertaken online and will take approximately 30 minutes. There are three sections within the training:

  1. Get the facts
  2. See it in action
  3. Take the challenge

How to get it validated on Compass

After you have completed the final section of the training, you will be able to generate a certificate, which can be printed off. If you are unable to print your certificate for any reason, please save it as a picture file or take a screen shot of the page using the Control/Print Screen buttons on your computer.

This certificate should be shared with your Training Adviser or GSL when you meet to discuss the learning and validate the module on Compass.

Please do not save the web link as an alternative to printing the certificate, as this will expire once you leave the browser and your certificate will be lost.

Start the safety ongoing training e-learning.

Ongoing Safety Training FAQs.

Mike Treanor
Scouting Support Officer

Non Member Children Insurance

Non Member Children Insurance

Non-member children Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance

South East Scotland Region has purchased the above policies on behalf of all Districts and Groups.  These will be renewed annually.

This is a scheme for children (under 18 years old) who are not Members of The Scout Association, but who attend, or take part in, weekly meetings or events because they are accompanying their parent(s), or with other adults. This can also cover crêches opened by groups.  The types of cover included are public liability and personal accident insurance.
If you require further information then please email for copies of the policies.

Manage free time safely

Manage free time safely

Managing Free Time Activities Safely (FS120340)

This new Factsheet offers advice relevant to all Scouting activities.  The background is explained here:

A large number of incidents occur when members are undertaking free time activities, this could be a break in the normal section programme or time before bed on a camp. This guidance is designed to provide leaders with some suggestions of how to manage these activities in order to reduce the potential for incidents and injuries.

See the Factsheet for full details, and useful links.