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Transformation Update

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Scott Goddard, SESS Transformation Lead, provides an update about a recent Scouts UK Transformation event, timings and how does this affect you?

Visit to Gilwell Park, UK Scout HQ

At the end of February, myself and  Martin Elliot, our Regional Commissioner, went to Gilwell Park along with Transformation Leads from the 9 other Counties/Regions who will be adopting the changes to our Volunteer Experience ahead of the rest of the UK over the coming months. It was a real treat to partner with many of the UK Scout Team leading the 4 changes to hear how plans are progressing.

Like any Scout weekend, it always feels like it lasts a week rather than a couple of days. I mean this in a good way of course, it was great to be able to immerse ourselves in the project ahead of us without other distractions. I came away, reminded of the importance of making the changes, reassured that we have a new digital tool on the way that is fit for purpose and motivated to take on the challenge of leading the changes in South East Scotland throughout 2023 so that we are ready to switch over in November.

UPDATED Timeline

We are on schedule to move to our new digital system(Digital support | Scouts) in November 2023. Some changes like the new appointments process (A warmer welcome | Scouts) and improved adult training programme (More engaging learning | Scouts) are dependent on the new digital system so won’t happen until November. 

Other changes including the new teams based approach to volunteering (Simplifying volunteering | Scouts), and the move from Executive Committees to Trustee Boards will start to happen throughout the next 8 months. Please see below for an overview of when the changes start to happen throughout this year. 

How does this affect you?

For most volunteer roles in our Region there will be very little change to the way they volunteer, but hopefully a much-improved volunteer experience. If you are involved in a few specialist roles like Leader training or the adult Appointment Process there is a risk that you might feel that your job is going to be made redundant! I’m anxious to stress that this really couldn’t be further from the truth. Volunteers in these roles will be just as important and valued as before, it’s just that the way you contribute might look slightly different. The changes ahead create the opportunity to channel your skillset in a way that is going to have more impact and help the Region offer skills for life for more young people, and indeed have the satisfaction of supporting a growing number of adult volunteers. I’m looking forward to working with you over the coming months to help with this transition along with Martin or your DC.

Help with the new structure

We will be working closely with Districts in the coming month or two to mould the new volunteering structure into something that works for your District. Once this has been done we will be encouraging and supporting Groups to adapt to the new teams-based approach.

What can I do now?

There is no harm in reminding everyone again to make a point of checking that their Compass records are up to date, and make sure you have your own unique email address on Compass as this will be needed to access the new digital system. Please encourage others who you know don’t access Compass to do so too. 

Also, keep an eye out for some short videos that Martin and I have just recorded which aim to explain a bit more detail about the changes coming with a bit of background as to why the changes are needed and the opportunities they present. And of course, a wealth of information, tools and support as part of our Change Plan to make you feel supported and excited about the change.

Please do keep in touch with any questions or suggestions. 

Scott Goddard
Transformation Lead
South East Scotland Scouts